Christmas: Stories

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Symbols of Christmas

Friend December 1987 “Christmas Stars” Jody wants to be like the Christmas   star and lead people to Jesus by being a good example.


Friend December 2016 “You can’t Wrap a Horse” A family talks about gifts–gifts that can’t be wrapped like service and the gift of our Savior from Heavenly Father.

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Finding Jesus at Christmas

Friend December 2015 ” Making Room for Christmas” A family decides which Christmas activities are most important.

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Friend December 2015 “Finding Jesus at Christmas” Luke learns that drawing closer to Jesus is true happiness. Activity Idea also.

Friend December 2015



Friend December 1985 “The Answer Tree” A grandma put answers to her grandchild’s questions about Jesus onto tree ornaments. (activity idea)





 Christmas Gift for Jesus

Friend December 1986 “A Christmas Gift For Jesus” A boy wants to get Jesus a gift, but he uses all his money to help others and learns that is the best gift.

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Thinking of Others at Christmas

Friend December 1980 -“Fish for Three” – A boy buys a Christmas feast for his family instead of something for himself.

Friend December 1980  – “Christmas Horse” – Girl spends her savings on Christmas for her family. She learns to think of others.

Friend December 1985 – “A Sharing Christmas” Rebus Story – Sue learns Christmas is much better when it is shared.

Friend December 1986 “Mommy’s Christmas” Justin helps his busy mom get ready for Christmas as a surprise.

Friend December 2015 A family who has very little gives to another family who has even less.






Family at Christmas

Friend Dec 2014 “Matt and Mandy” 

Company for Christmas

Friend December 1986 “Cousin Everene” Stephen learns how to enjoy having an elderly relative visit for Christmas.

Christmas Service

Friend December 2016 “A Different Christmas” Christmas doesn’t feel right since Diego’s parents got divorced, but Diego brings joy back into Christmas by doing service.

Giving Love at Christmas

Friend December 2016 “A Tree for Travis” Jacqueline feels sad for her friend who moved to a small trailer and doesn’t even have room for a Christmas tree. She thinks of an idea to give him a decorated branch, but it isn’t as nice as a tree. Her friend loves it, and Jacqueline realizes that gifts of love are what matters.





Christmas Giving

Friend December 2016 “Matt and Mandy” Matt and Mandy learn there are lots of gifts we can give at Christmas that don’t cost money, like service.





Friend December 2016 “The Getting Tree”  Tyler thought the tree at church was the “Getting Tree.” When he finds out that it’s the giving tree, he earns money to buy the toy and ends up “getting” a wonderful feeling.img_5655img_5657





Friend Dec 2014 “The Christmas Pony” Includes an activity idea and a coloring page



Christmas Spirit Around the World

Friend December 1988 “The Sand Tree” Christmas doesn’t feel the same without snow, but Lynn and Jim discover the Christmas spirit is even in warm California.






Christmas Tree

Friend December 2016 “Joel’s Family Christmas Tree” Each ornament is sentimental