Book of Mormon: Music & Songs

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Friend January 1988 “The Book of Mormon Teaches Me”

Jesus Visits the Nephites

Friend September 2016 “Had I Been a Child” Video and Music. What it might have been like to have been a child when Jesus appeared to the Nephites and blessed the children.

Samuel the Lamanite

Friend December 2016 “Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus”  video

Music Game

Friend October 1988 “Sharing Time: Fun with Favorites” print several copies of the Liahono and put a song title and a question about the song on the back. Children can move across the board as they guess the correct song.

Nephi’s Courage – Verse Three

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Nephi’s Courage – Verse Three


  • Print and cut out the pictures.  (The pictures are from an old Primary manual.)
  • Items needed: the same display methods used for verses one and two.


The Lord gives us commandments and asks us to obey. – Put the “Obey Your Parents” sign on the display board, and underneath that put the picture of the child playing with toys and the picture of the mother asking the child to pick up his toys.

Sometimes I am tempted to choose another way. – Put the picture of the child leaving the toys on the floor and walking out the door on the display board.

When I am discouraged, and think I cannot try – Put the picture of the sad child consoling with the dog on the board. Explain that the child feels guilty for not obeying his mother, but thinks it is too hard to do what is right – face his mom, apologize, and try to fix the problem.

I will be courageous, and I will reply. – Put the picture of the child saying “I will go, I will do” onto the board.


Nephi’s Courage – Verse One and Two

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Nephi’s Courage – Verse One and Two (pg 120)


  • Print and cut out the story figures. Print and cut out the chorus visuals. Glue each of the chorus visuals to a popsicle stick, one picture on the front and one on the back.
  • Items needed: four popsicle sticks, a display board to put the story figures on (a flannel board, cookie sheet, white board, etc) and something to make the figures stick to the board (sticky tack, felt, fusible interfacing, magnets, etc). (I used a carpet board and sticky back hook velcro)


Put each figure on the display board as you tell the children the song words. (On the part that says “they believed it would not float” turn the boat sideways and slide it down the board to indicate sinking.) You may wish to have the children sing the song after every couple of lines that are presented.  After the words are presented have a child put the figures on the board as the children sing the song. (Have a new child do this each time you sing the song.) Go over any words they may have problems with before singing the song again.

Another option would be to provide simple items and props and have the children dress up and act out the song.


There are several ways to use the popsicle sticks. One way is to have two children hold them and then lift them up at the appropriate times.  Another way is to have the children pass them from person to person, and the child who is holding the visual aid lifts it up when everyone is singing that part.  (That is why there are pictures on both sides of the popsicle sticks.

Visuals are from Microsoft Word Clipart and the Friend magazine.