Book of Mormon Scripture Stickers

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Book of Mormon Scripture Stickers

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  • Print the scripture sticker page onto clear sticker paper which can be found at office supply stores. The sticker paper averages about a dollar a page when bought in a package of  fifteen. It can be bought cheaper in bulk at Online Labels, but these are permanent stickers and cannot be adjusted once placed.



Scripture Stickers can be affixed onto scripture pages and are a reminder for the children of the scripture stories and their locations. The stickers are clear so the words of the scriptures can still be read through the sticker.

The Scripture Stickers can be cut into individual stickers and given to a child after each Book of Mormon lesson is taught so they can mark where that scripture story is located. Or they can be used as an encouragement or reward for when a child completes reading assignments. The stickers can be cut out and given to a child individually for each reading assignment finished, or given as a page when a child completes a reading chart goal (the child will then have to cut them out themselves).

If the stickers are given to the children individually, the cut out stickers can be stored in the pockets of card or photo protector sheets. With a Sharpie, label each pocket with the name of the scripture story, and then store the protector sheets in a binder.

Note: If these stickers are given out by a teacher or leader, be sure to have the children get permission from their parents before affixing the stickers into their scriptures. (It is a good idea to send a note home explaining the stickers and their purpose. Also explain in the note that you have instructed the children to get permission before they put the stickers in their scriptures.)

Source: “Book of Mormon Stories”

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