Priesthood: Lesson Ideas

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The Priesthood Blesses Everyone

Friend April 2018 “What’s on Your Mind” Is the priesthood only for men and boys?





Ensign April 2018 Boys and men hold the priesthood but women use priesthood authority to perform their callings.

The Work of the Priesthood

Friend April 2018 “What’s on Your Mind” How we can help with the work of the priesthood.

Priesthood Blessing

Friend October 2017 “Family Night Fun”

Here are some tips to help you feel the Holy Ghost when you get a priesthood blessing.

● Turn off electronics so you won’t be distracted.
● Say a prayer before you receive your blessing to help you clear your mind and focus on the Spirit.
● Listen carefully to the words of the blessing. How do they make you feel?

Priesthood Keys

Friend February 2017 “What are Priesthood Keys?”

Book of Mormon Lessons 34-44

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Book of Mormon Lessons 23-33

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Lesson 23: Alma Counsels His Sons Helaman and Shiblon

Lesson 24: Alma Counsels His Son Corianton

Lesson 25: Captain Moroni Defeats Zerahemnah

Lesson 26: Captain Moroni and the Title of Liberty

Lesson 27: Helaman and the Stripling Warriors

Lesson 28: Nephi and Lehi in Prison

Lesson 29: Nephi Prophesies

Lesson 30: Nephi Receives Great Power

Lesson 31: Samuel the Lamanite

Lesson 32: Signs in America of Jesus Christ’s Birth

Lesson 33: The Savior Appears to the Nephites