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Friend June 2020 “For Older Kids” Nephi is one of Thomas’ heroes because he is brave, obedient, has faith in God, and is forgiving. Thomas wants to be like Nephi.

Use building blocks to make a scene from your favorite Book of Mormon story, like Thomas did!

Review of  Nephi Stories

Friend February 2020 “Funstuff: Book of Mormon Puzzle” Fill in the empty squares so that all six pictures are in each row (across), each column (up and down), and each blue box. What do these symbols remind you of in the story of Nephi and his family?

Game Questions to review the stories “Lehi Leaves Jerusalem” through “Crossing the Sea”

Friend November 2000

Friend November 2000

Friend January 1996

Friend January 1996

Review of the Book of Alma

Friend June 2020 “Who Am I” Review game for the Book of Alma. Guess who the mystery person is.

Samuel the Lamanite

Title of Liberty

Helaman and the Stripling Warriors

Third Nephi

Jesus Visits the Nephites

Jesus Teaches the Beatitudes

Nephites Live in Happiness

Brother of Jared & Jaredites


Mormon Abridges the Plates



Book of Mormon Fathers and Sons

Book of Mormon Heroes

Book of Mormon Review

Friend July 1988

Friend July 1988

“Book of Mormon Quiz” Friend November 1981
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