Body: Stories & Poems

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Every Body is Different & Wonderful

Friend August 2019 “Done with Swim Team” Some girls on Ava’s swim team make fun of her body. Ava wants to quit swim tea,  but her mom helps her understand that not all bodies look the same just like temples don’t all look the same, but they are all beautiful, and the important thing is what goes on inside. Her mom also teaches her other important truths, and Ava feels the Holy Ghost telling her that they are true.

Taking Care of Your Body

Friend July 2020 “Lila’s Choice” Lila wanted to always choose the right, so when coffee was put in the milk at school, she decided not to have any milk that day. She was happy to choose the right and take care of the body Heavenly Father gave her. 

Friend August 2019 “Amelia’s Growing Body” Amelia is learning to take care of her body by eating healthy, exercising, etc.

Gratitude for Your Body

Friend May 2018 “Helping on the Farm” Liam uses different parts of his body to help on the farm.

Friend May 2017 “At the Playground” Emilie uses different parts of her body while at the playground.

Friend August 2019 ” My Body”  An action rhyme about the things “my body” can do.

Safety from Abuse

Friend June 2017 “Tickling Trouble”  Lizzie and Max learn that we should respect each other when we don’t want to be touched (including being tickled). We should also say stop if we don’t want to be touched, and tell a parent if someone doesn’t stop when told.

You could use this story to start a conversation about what is appropriate touch, and how it’s OK to stand up for yourself if you are being touched in a way you don’t like or a way you have been taught is wrong. Ensign June 2017

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Body: Lesson Ideas

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Your Body is a Temple

Ensign August 2019 “Our Sacred Bodies” Ideas on how to teach children about the importance of their bodies, and that that their body is a temple where the Holy Ghost can dwell. Included in the article are ideas about how bodies are a gift, caring for our bodies, preventing abuse, saying kind things about other’s bodies.

Friend August 2019 “Your Body is a Temple” Activity comparing how the body is like a temple.

Taking Care of Your Body

Friend July 2019 “For Older Kids” Going to bed and waking up at the same time every day helps you sleep better.






Friend May 2019 “For Older Kids” Try to spend some time outdoors every day! Fresh air and sunshine can help your mind and body be healthy.





Friend May 2017 “For Parents of Little Ones” Ideas for teaching little ones to take care of their bodies.


Friend June 2017 “Ready to Rest” Ideas on how to help your body prepare to go to sleep.





Friend November 2019 “For Older Kids” Take time to calm your mind daily.

Our Amazing Bodies

Friend August 2019 “Cover” Compilation of clipart of some things our wonderful bodies can do.

Thankful for Body

Friend October 2018 “What’s on Your Mind?” Question: “Sometimes I don’t like the way I look. How can I learn to love my body?”  Response from Friend magazine:  Focus on what your body can do.. When you look in the mirror, pick one thing about your body that you’re grateful for. Also, your body is a temple. Think of it as a house for your spirit.






Every Body is Beautiful

Friend May 2018 “Every Body is Beautiful” Bodies come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. All bodies are beautiful gifts from God. Look at the children in the picture. What do all of these children have in common? (For example, they all have eyes.) What is different?

Media Messages About the Body

Friend August 2019 “What’s on Your Mind?” A child writes to the Friend this question: I don’t look like the people I see on TV and social media, and sometimes it makes me feel bad about myself. What should I do?” The Friend responds: “There are messages all around that tell you that how you look is the most important thing about you. But that isn’t true! There is so much more to who you are.” (Also included is a quiz that helps sort out the truth from the lies about the body.)

Safety from Abuse

Friend August 2019 “For Parents of Little Ones” Ideas for talking with little ones about safety (from sexual abuse).

Gender & Individuality

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