Latter Day Apostles

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Dallin H. Oaks

Friend January 2017 “Will Heavenly Father Always Answer My Prayers” When Elder Oaks was seven his father became sick and died.

Friend August 2016

Friend Aug 2016 Christopherson

David A. Bednar

Friend April 2017 “Be Consistent and Keep Trying” Elder Bednar’s father was not a member of the church, but Elder Bednar was able to baptize him.

Jeffery R. Holland

Friend March 2017 “What if I feel Like I Don’t Measure Up” Elder Holland got discouraged during college and wondered if he should just give up, but his wife encouraged him not to to give up.


 Russel M. Nelson

Friend April 2016

Friend April 2016 Apostles travel around the world to visit with the people

Friend November 2015

Friend November 2015 -See link for more info about newly called apostles.

Friend April 1986

Friend April 1986 Recognizing the Apostles or prophets.