Adversity: Lesson Ideas

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Dealing With Adversity

Friend July 2017 “Family Night Fun”  Challenging Changes

Do you ever feel worried when things change? The pioneers faced big changes but still found ways to be happy. You can too!

Focus on what won’t change, like Heavenly Father’s love for you.
You might have some feelings you don’t understand. That’s OK! Talk to a parent or write about your feelings in a journal.
Look for the good things that might come from a big change. For example, if you have to change schools, think about the chance to make new friends.

Also see Journaling as a way to cope with difficulty

Friend June 2016 During adversity you have to keep moving in order to progress forward, like riding a bicycle.


Finding Help


Friend February 2015 “Happy Alone, Happy Together” Ideas on what to do when you want to be alone or when you are lonely.

Sadness & Depression

Also see story “A Butterfly for Courtney” Friend September 2016

Anxiety, Stress, & Worry

Friend May 2017 “Worried or Afraid? Here’s Help” Ideas to help with anxiety.

Friend May 2017

Finding Peace






Tender Mercies

Picturing Tender Mercies- Friend November 2015 – Activity and lesson ideas.








Friend October 2016 “Family Night Fun” Acting out situations where a bully might dare you to do something. Also includes discussion and refreshment ideas.


Have Faith

Friend September 2015

Friend September 2015

Friend October 2015

Friend October 2015 – Link also includes other lesson ideas

Adversity & Trials: Stories

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Ways to Feel Better

Spend Time with Family and Friends

Friend June 2017 “Running with Dad” TJ is sad and lonely after moving, but he feels better after he and his dad  set a goal and start preparing to run a marathon.

 Remember Heavenly Father Loves You

Friend August 2017 “Ralphie’s Amazing Find” A boy is upset that his best friend is moving. He takes his dog for a walk, and his dog discovers a beautiful waterfall. The boy feels God’s love for him.

Look for the Good

Friend November 2017 sometimes the moon lines up just right with the sun and almost completely blocks its light, even though the moon is much smaller. This is called a total solar eclipse. Just like the eclipse, when we focus on our daily problems (like the small moon) instead of our eternal gospel blessings (like the large sun), it makes it harder for us to see and feel the light of Jesus Christ in our lives.





Friend August 2016 “My Miracle” A boy is diagnosed with diabetes. He is grateful for the diagnosis because he can now get treatment and feel better.





Friend March 1988 “Mike to the Rescue” Mike can’t do all the things his older siblings can do, but he finds lots of benefits to being little.











Friend January 2017 Will Heavenly Father Answer My Prayers” When Elder Oaks was seven his father died. Dallin’s mother had faith and trusted in the Lord’s will.


Friend July 1988 “Turnabout Day” Jason is frustrated when everything seems to go wrong, but he learns that if he changes his attitude and tries to be happy, make things right, and help others, his day will be better.

Worry, Anxiety, & Stress

Friend May 2017 “Ella’s Worries” Ella is anxious and worries about many things. She prays for help and then talks to her dad. She learns her mom has anxiety too and gets help for it. (Ideas for helping anxiety)


Friend August 2017 “Enough is Enough” A girl learns that trying to be mean and hurt the bully back doesn’t help. It just makes her feel worse.

Friend July 2017 “Standing Up with Kindness” A boy who moves to England is bullied because of his accent. He helps the kids learn more about the difficulties of being an immigrant by presenting a slideshow. (Link includes real life pictures of the boy.)







Friend April 2015 “Flowers and Friends” A girl in Jenny’s class keeps demanding Jenny’s flowers that other classmates can only take if Jenny is talking. Jenny prays about it and tries to be a friend to the girl.

Friend April 2015

Friend April 2015







Friend June 1984 “The Trial of Billy Fisher” – A bully threatens a boy to try and get him to share answers to a test.

Friend September 2016 “Which Path to Choose” Abbey is harassed and made fun of by Hannah, but Abbey doesn’t say mean things back because  she was taught to treat others like you want to be treated.
Friend March 1988 “Grandma Fenton Says” A bully gives Olivia and Jeremy a hard time. Olivia finds a way to point out the good.

Friend October 2016 “Turning Down the Dare” Tyler struggles with the persecutions of a bully.Tyler helps some kids at recess when the bully persecutes them. The bully wants to fight him but Tyler makes the good choice not to.


Religious Beliefs Persecution

Friend January 2018 “An Answer For Lucia”  Lucia is made fun of in school for her different beliefs. Her teacher even mocked her for her different beliefs about the Godhead. She asked the missionaries about it. The missionaries use scriptures to show that the Godhead are individuals but one in purpose, and the Holy Ghost confirmed that what the missionaries were saying was true.


Friend December 2017 “Signs of Friendship” Conner has autism and has a hard time finding friends. His mother suggests he pray about it. A boy that is deaf moves into the neighborhood. Conner realizes the boy must be lonely too, so Conner learns some sign language and goes and introduces himself.


Friend March 2016 “Trading Mountains for Trees” A family moves from Utah to Georgia and prays for comfort and help.







Health Issues

Friend November 2016 “Never Give Up” True story about a boy who fell from a horse and had brain damage. He had to relearn to do everything, but he never gave up. (Pictures included)

Friend August 2015

Friend August 2015 Boy with diabetes helps others.







Friend March 2017 “Painting Love” Lucy has a condition where her muscles don’t work well together, so she has a hard time talking and swallowing. She painted a picture about what would make the world a better place.

Friend October 2015 “Dreams and Dolphins” Girl with one leg that doesn’t grow as fast as the other. She has to endure many surgeries, but she never gives up.

Friend March 2016 “Holding onto Hope” A girl with leukemia looks for the good in life.

Friend January 1987 “Impossible Baptism” Brady has faith to be baptized even though it could be life threatening due to his condition.

Family Issues

Friend September 2016 “A special Big Brother” Daniel is upset that he doesn’t get to go to the park like the other boys due to his sister’s health issues.

Body Issues

Friend August 2016 “Crickets Big Moment” Cricket is upset that she has to perform cheerleading with a younger group because she is small, but she perseveres and is acknowledged for her sacrifice and help.


Trials of Faith

Friend August 2015

Friend August 2015 -A lack of friends turns into a test of choosing the right

Friend August 2015

Friend August 2015

Friend July 1988 “Turnabout Day” Jason is frustrated when everything seems to go wrong, he learns that if changes his attitude and tries to be happy and make things right, his day will be better.

Adversity: Clipart

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Friend Feb 2015

Friend Feb 2015






Family Issues


Friend November 2015- Also lesson ideas about sadness & discouragment

Friend November 2015– Also lesson ideas about sadness






 Worry & Fear





Bullying and Teasing







Health Issues


Lesson 13 – The People of Alma and the People of King Limhi

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Lesson 13
The People of Alma and the People of King Limhi

• Print a copy of the scripture story word strips. Cut the large word strip sets apart on the dotted lines. At the end of each word strip is a letter and a number. Put each word strip with matching letters and numbers into a large Ziploc bag or large envelope. There are four sets, so you will have four bags of word strips by the time you are done.  Mix up the strips in each bag.  Label the outside of each bag with which story it is and what set it is, “Limhi’s People” L-1 or L2, or “Alma’s People” A-1, A-2.
• Items needed: four rolls of tape, a diamond jewellery item and a piece of coal (or the picture of a diamond and a piece of coal).

Attention Activity
Show the children the diamond and the coal. Explain that a long time ago the diamond started out as a piece of coal. The coal was deep in the earth, and extreme heat and pressure was applied to the coal. After a long period of time the coal transformed into valuable diamond stone. Inform the children that in today’s lesson they will learn how adversity, hardship, and difficulty can apply pressure in life and help refine us and change us. They will examine how two groups of people grew stronger and better because of adversity.

Scripture Story Activity
Divide the children into four groups. Give each group a bag of word strips and a roll of tape. Tell the children they have some mixed up strips of paper in their bag. Each bag of word strips tell half of a scripture story. Their job is to put the papers in the right order on the wall. Have the groups with the story strips about Limhi’s people put their word strips in order on the far left side of the wall. Have the groups with story strips about Alma’s people put their word strips in order on the far right side of the wall. When each group has finished putting their word strips in order, have them sit down. Tell them you are going to read each story, and they can check and see if their strips are in the correct order. Have somebody from their group fix any mistakes as you read. Start with Limhi’s group and read the story from the small word strip pages. After each group’s story has been read, and all the word strips have been fixed, ask the following questions.

• Who were both groups of people in bondage to? The Lamanites

• Why were they brought into bondage? Because of their wickedness.

The prophet Abinadi had warned the people to repent or they would suffer bondage and affliction. Two years after that warning they still had not repented. Abinadi told them bondage would come upon them, and if they still didn’t repent after being put into bondage, they would be destroyed. Even though Alma and his people had repented before being put into bondage, their repentance occurred after Abinadi’s second visit. They did not repent soon enough to escape the prophesied bondage and affliction. The Lord tested their faith while they were in bondage.

Compare the differences between what happened to Limhi’s people and what happened to Alma’s people by having the children look for the answers to the following questions in their story’s word strips. When they find the correct word strip, have them each move it to the middle of the wall so the two can be compared.

How did the Lamanites treat each group of people they had in bondage?
Limhi’s People – “The Lamanites would smite the people on their cheeks, and they put heavy burdens upon their backs and drove them like animals.”
Alma’s People –“The Lamanites began to persecute them and put tasks upon them and taskmasters over them.”

What did each group of people do when they were first put under heavy bondage?
Limhi’s People – “The people went forth against the Lamanites in battle to drive them out of their land.” (Limhi’s people tried to use their own strength to get out of bondage.)
Alma’s People – “Great were their afflictions and they did cry mightily unto God.” (Alma’s people turned to the Lord for help.)

• What were the results of Limhi’s people’s several attempts to fight against the Lamanites to try and free themselves? They were not successful, and many people were killed.

• Why could they not deliver themselves from the bondage? Have the children read Abinadi’s prophecy found in Mosiah 11:23 to find the answer. Point out that it says only the Lord could deliver them.

When did each group of people humble themselves and turn to the Lord for help?
Limhi’s People – “They went again a third time to battle and suffered in like manner. They then did humble themselves and submitted to the bondage and did cry unto God to deliver them out of their afflictions.” (Limhi’s people were not humble until after they were compelled to be humbled.)
Alma’s People – “They began to cry unto the Lord that he would soften the Lamanite’s hearts and that they would spare them.” (Alma’s people were humble and relied on Lord from the beginning.)

• Why did Limhi’s people finally humble themselves? Because they could not deliver themselves, and they knew they needed help.

When did the Lord hear each group’s prayers?
Limhi’s People – “The Lord was slow to hear their cry because of their iniquities.”
Alma’s People – “The Lord softened the Lamanites hearts and they spared their lives.” (From the very beginning the Lord helped them.)

• Why was Heavenly Father slow to hear the cries of Limhi’s people? Because of their iniquities, and because they had been slow to turn to him.

• Why did the Lord bless Alma’s people quicker? Because Alma’s people had repented of their sins, and they had turned their hearts to the Lord.

How did the Lord help each group of people with their burdens?
Limhi’s People – “He did eventually begin to hear their cries, and He did soften the hearts of the Lamanites, and the Lamanites did ease their burdens.”
Alma’s People – “Alma and his people did pour out their hearts unto God in their thoughts. The Lord did strengthen them that they could bear the burdens with ease.”

How did the Lord help each group of people escape from the Lamanites?
Limhi’s People – “Gideon set forth a plan. The Lamanite guards at the back wall of the city were drunk at night. Gideon proposed that they pass by the guards at the back wall when they were drunken and asleep.”
Alma’s People – “The Lord did cause a deep sleep to come upon the Lamanites in the morning time, and Alma and his people did depart into the wilderness.”

• Which escape was miraculous? Alma’s people, but both groups had the Lords help being delivered from bondage.

• How were Limhi’s people like the coal at first? Their thoughts and actions were dark and unrefined.

• How did they become like the diamonds? The heat and pressure of adversity made them realize they needed the Lord’s help in their lives. They changed and became humble, obedient, prayerful, and faithful.

• How did the adversity affect Alma’s people? They became stronger in their faith in the Lord, and they developed other Christ like characteristics such as patience.

Sometimes the Lord allows us to suffer adversity, even when we are keeping the commandments, because adversity can refine us and help us develop characteristics of great value and worth.

Share an example and bear testimony of how Heavenly Father blessed you or your family during a time of adversity.

Weekly Reading Assignment

Remind the children to do their scripture reading assignment for this week – Mosiah 21:5–16, 22:1-16, 23:1-5, 23:25-30, 23:36-37, 24:9–25