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Book of Mormon Stories “Chapter 34: Helaman and the 2,000 Young Warriors” Video and Images

Book of Mormon Stories for Young Readers “The Stripling Warriors” Video and Images

Friend May 1986


Lesson 27: Helaman and the Stripling Warriors

Lesson Ideas

Come, Follow Me—For Individuals and Families: Book of Mormon 2020 “Alma 53-63” When compared with the Lamanite armies, Helaman’s “little army” (Alma 56:33) of 2,000 young Nephites shouldn’t have stood a chance. Besides being few in number, Helaman’s soldiers “were all … very young,” and “they never had fought” (Alma 56:46–47). In some ways, their situation might seem familiar to those of us who sometimes feel outnumbered and overwhelmed in our latter-day battle against Satan and the forces of evil in the world.

But the army of Helaman had some advantages over the Lamanites that had nothing to do with numbers or military skill. They chose Helaman, a prophet, to lead them (Alma 53:19); “they had been taught by their mothers, that if they did not doubt, God would deliver them” (Alma 56:47); and they had “exceeding faith in that which they had been taught.” As a result, they were protected by “the miraculous power of God” (Alma 57:26). Even though they were all wounded in battle, “there was not one soul of them who did perish” (Alma 57:25). So when life inflicts spiritual wounds on each of us, we can take courage—the message of Helaman’s army is that “there [is] a just God, and whosoever [does] not doubt, [will] be preserved by his marvelous power” (Alma 57:26).

Ensign August 2020

Latter Day Kids “The Valiant Fox- Come Follow Me: August 10th-16th” Video, lesson and activity ideas. Helping children to understand what valiant means.

I can be faithful to God like the stripling warriors.

Alma 53:20–2156:27, 47–48

Ensign August 2020 “Family Study Fun”

Read Alma 57:19–27 together and talk about how the stripling warriors were protected when they obeyed “with exactness” (verse 21).

  1. Blindfold one family member and have them stand against a wall.
  2. Place an object anywhere along the opposite wall and have the blindfolded person try to find the object in one minute without any help.
  3. After the time is up, have the person try again, except this time give them instructions to follow “with exactness.”

Discussion: How do God’s “instructions” help us stay safe and reach our goals?

Come, Follow Me—For Primary: Book of Mormon 2020 “Alma 53-63”

Friend August 2020 “Cover”

Book of Mormon Coloring Book “The Stripling Warriors”

Friend August 2020 “The Stripling Warriors Were Brave” Coloring page

Friend August 2020 “Stripling Warrior Challenge” The stripling warriors kept their bodies and spirits strong. Set this page on the floor. Close your eyes and drop a pebble or button onto the page. Then do the challenge for the box it lands closest to.

Primary 4 Book of Mormon “Lesson 27: Helaman and the Two Thousand Warriors”

Let children volunteer to complete the following statements:

I can be like the young warriors by how I ______________.

I can be like the young warriors by remembering that my parents taught me to____________ .

I most admire_____________about the young warriors.

My favorite part of the account of the two thousand young warriors is______________

When I am worried, I can trust God.

Alma 58:32–41

Helaman was worried because his army didn’t have enough food or enough men to keep fighting (see Alma 58:32–41). Ask the children to share times when they were worried. Read Alma 58:37

I can keep my covenants.

Alma 53:10–1756:27

Song Ideas

Friend August 2020 “We’ll Bring the World His Truth” I Can Play It version, and Sing-Along Video.

I can choose to not be angry.

I can choose to think the best of others and not be offended.

Book of Mormon Stories “Chapter 35: Captain Moroni and Pahoran” Video and Images

Alma 61:3–14

Both Helaman and Pahoran had good reasons to be offended. Helaman was not receiving sufficient support for his armies, and Pahoran was falsely accused by Moroni of withholding that support. Instead of getting angry, Pahoran said, “I … rejoice in the greatness of your heart” (Alma 61:9).

Story Ideas

  • Bugs and Brothers.” In this Friend story, Lacey learns that she doesn’t have to be angry at her brother Zach.
  • The Right Reply.” Emily wants to write a mean reply when her friend sends her a mean email, but then she thinks of what Jesus would do and responds kindly. (From the Friend.)

Friend October 2015 “How Are You Feeling” Tips for dealing with emotions.


Friend February 2018 “What’s on Your Mind?” Ways to calm yourself when angry.

New Era June 2018 “Stopping Anger in Its Tracks.” This object lesson from the New Era helps us learn about anger and how we can control our tempers.

Possible Activities

Come, Follow Me—For Individuals and Families: Book of Mormon 2020 “Alma 53-63”Here’s an object lesson that can help your family understand that we can choose to be either “hardened” or “softened” by our trials: Place a raw potato and a raw egg in a pot of boiling water. The potato and the egg represent us, and the water represents the trials we face. As the potato and egg boil, you could talk about some of the trials your family faces. What are some different ways to react to trials like these? According to Alma 62:41, how do our reactions to trials affect us? After the potato and egg are fully cooked, cut open the potato and crack open the egg to show that the same “trial” softened the potato and hardened the egg. What can our family do to be sure that our trials humble us and bring us closer to God?

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