Pioneers: Lesson Ideas

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Friend July 2019 “For Parents of Little Ones” Ideas on how to celebrate Pioneer Day by discussing how their ancestors (or themselves) were pioneers, such first to go to college, first to join the Church, etc.

Ensign July 2016 Pioneers are people who prepare the way for others to follow.
Draw a picture or find a photo of one of your ancestors. Can you find a story of how they prepared the way for you to follow? Write two ways you can be a pioneer today.


Friend July 2018 “Find the people in your family tree who were pioneers, such as the first person to join the church or the first to graduate from college.

Friend July 2020 “Following the Pioneers” It’s not as important to walk where pioneers walked as it is to live like they lived, such as having faith, obedience, not leaving anyone behind, and working together to build Zion.

Friend July 2020 “For Older Kids” A pioneer is someone who does something new and helps others to follow.Were you the first in your family to do something? What was it? Draw or write about it in your journal!

Friend July 2020
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