Conference: Stories & Poems

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Friend May 2020 “Drawing Conference Words” Before conference, Tina and Troy’s grandmother gave them crayons and notebooks so they could draw special words they hear.

Friend May 2019 “Service for Suzie” Ophelie’s favorite part of conference is when the prophet asked them to do acts of service. Ophelie’s family decide to look for ways to help others. They find out that a neighbor is having eye surgery and Ophelie asks if they can make dinner for her.

Friend April 2019 “Action Rhyme: General Conference” King Benjamin once taught his people from a tower tall. The message went from tent to tent until it reached them all.Now when the prophet speaks today, I watch him on a screen. And then I see him when I read the Friend’s next magazine!

Friend October 2016 “General Conference Breakfast” Jacob’s family makes a special breakfast together before conference. (As you read the story to the children, point to the pictures and let them say that part.)

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