Repentance: Songs

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Friend June 2016  “Repentance”  Song and Sing-Along video.

“I am sorry” is not always easy to say                                                              When I know I’ve been thoughtless and done something wrong.                   I’ll try to repent, to do better, to pray                                                                    That Heavenly Father will help me be strong.

Friend April 2019 “When I Return to Him” Sing-Along Video

Words and music by Sally DeFord

1. The Shepherd loves His little lambs,
And when they go astray,
He seeks them as they wander;
He calls each one by name.
They listen for the Shepherd’s voice;
They run to Him, and then
He welcomes them with loving arms
When they return to Him.

2. The Savior loves His little ones,
And if I leave His side,
He seeks me as I wander
By day or darkest night.
I’ll listen for the Savior’s call.
I’ll come to Him, and then
He’ll welcome me with loving arms
When I return to Him.

3. The Savior marks the path for me;
He shows me how to live.
And if I stray or wander,
I know He will forgive.
So I will heed the Savior’s voice;
I’ll turn away from sin,
And He will fill my heart with joy
When I return to Him.

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