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Friend July 2017 “Fasting for a Prophet” Even though it’s hard, a young girl in Tonga fasts with other members of her stake for President Kimball.

Friend July 1988 “Too much to Sacrifice” When Beth’s little sister fell out of a tree, she broke her neck and might be paralyzed. Beth and the family fast for her. She wakes and can wiggle her fingers.

Fast Offerings

Friend November 2019 “Searching for Sir Crunch-a-Lot” Mackenzie’s family shop at the bishop’s storehouse for their food because they don’t have much money after her dad lost his job. Mackenzie wishes she didn’t have to eat boring food like granola instead of her favorite cereal brand, and sandwiches instead of pizza at school. But then she finds out that a friend sitting next to her isn’t eating lunch because she is fasting for a family member. Mackenzie realizes how hard it must be to fast, and she is grateful for all the people who fast and give fast offerings so she and her family don’t go hungry.

Friend September 2015 – Pres Eyring’s story about fast offerings for Vanuatu

Friend September 2015
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