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Friend July 2020 “Kind Enough to Speak Up” Charlie’s friend was mean to people and called them names. Charlie talked to his friend about it and he agreed to stop being mean.

Friend May 2020 “Rose Marie Takes a Stand” Rose Marie was a famous swimsuit designer. Many people wanted her to make immodest swimsuits, but she refused. She also wouldn’t allow her swimsuits be used to advertise things such as cigarettes. (Story includes actual photos.)

Friend November 2018 “Finders Keepers?” Mike finds some money on the school grounds and takes it to the office even though his friends think they should keep it and spend it.

Friend February 2018 “The Pencil Problem” when Alex gets two pencils from a machine when he only paid for one, Maya says he should tell the librarian. All their other friends thinks he should keep it.

Write a Letter

Friend February 2019 “Gary and Goliath” Gary didn’t like seeing the signs near his neighborhood and church of people not wearing very many clothes, He decides to write a letter to the owners asking them to take the signs down. He is very happy when he sees them taking down the signs. Even boy can make a difference.

Do a Presentation

Friend February 2018 “Standing up for Church” Easton is surprised when kids in his international school class laugh when a boy says he goes to church. He decides to do his family identity presentation on church so that others would see why it’s important and not silly.

Friend August 2016 “Courage to Be Kind” Bullying is a problem at Rachel’s school. She made a “Challenge for Kindness” presentation and shared it with her class and school.

Tell Them

Friend February 2020 “Matt & Mandy” When some kids find a wallet, Matt and his friend stand for the right by telling a boy, who wants to keep the money, that they need to return the wallet to it’s owner.

Friend March 2019 “Show and Tell”

Friend September 2017 “Matt and Mandy” Matt tells some boys he doesn’t want to hear a bad joke even though they call him chicken.

Friend July 1988 “Sama the Thumb” Sama goes to church even though it is against the village rules to attend a different church. He is persecuted, but stands fast.

Friend June 1986 “Another Kind of Courage” Trent stops his friends from teasing a boy.

Friend August 2015 “Tag You’re It” -girl refuses to play unkind game on another girl. Activity

Friend August 2015

Friend January 2016 A girl plays with someone other than her normal friends. Eventually her other friends include the new girl.

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