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Before Enos died, he gave his son Jarom the plates.

The Lord will bless me when I keep the commandments.

One of God’s most repeated promises in the Book of Mormon is that if the Nephites kept the commandments, they would prosper. 

Read Jarom 1:7-9 to see some of the ways the Nephites prospered in the land and were blessed.

Read Jarom 1:5, 10-12 and have the family make a list of what the Nephites did that enabled them to be blessed and prosper.

What do you learn from these accounts that can help you “prosper in the land”?


Before dying, Jarom delivered the plates into the hands of his son Omni (Jarom 1:15), who then passed them on to his son Amaron. Amaron tells that the more wicked part of the Nephites had been destroyed. (Omni 1:5)

For the Lord would not suffer, after he had led them out of the land of Jerusalem and kept and preserved them from falling into the hands of their enemies, yea, he would not suffer that the words should not be verified, which he spake unto our fathers, saying that: Inasmuch as ye will not keep my commandments ye shall not prosper in the land.

Wherefore, the Lord did visit them in great judgment; nevertheless, he did spare the righteous that they should not perish, but did deliver them out of the hands of their enemies.

After Amaron, the record continued to be passed down from father to son, Amaron to Chemish to Abinadom to Amaleki. 

Amaleki tells of a man called Mosiah, “he being warned of the Lord that he should flee out of the land of Nephi, and as many as would hearken unto the voice of the Lord should also depart out of the land with him, into the wilderness

14 And they discovered a people, who were called the people of Zarahemla.

Who were the people of Zarahemla?

15 Mosiah discovered that the people of Zarahemla were led by God out from Jerusalem at the time that Zedekiah, king of Judah, was carried away captive into Babylon. Among that group was Mulek, one of the sons of Zedekiah.

After the people of Zarahemla arrived in the promised land, they met Coriantumr (see Omni 1:21), the last known survivor of the Jaredites, whose story is told in the book of Ether.

Department of Seminaries and Institutes of Religion “Book of Mormon Chronology Chart”

Because Amaleki did not have any children Amaleki gave the plates to King Benjamin. Amaleki concluded his record in about 130B.C., about 470 years from the time Lehi left Jerusalem.

Friend April 1988

Friend April 1988

Words of Mormon

As a historical account, the book serves as a bridge between the small plates of Nephi (1 Nephi–Omni) and Mormon’s abridgment of the large plates of Nephi (Mosiah–4 Nephi).

I can bless others when I listen to the Holy Ghost.

As Nephi was writing the record of his people, God directed him to create two sets of plates, called the small plates and the large plates of Nephi. Nephi didn’t know why he was commanded to create two sets of plates, but he trusted that the Lord had “a wise purpose … , which purpose I know not” (1 Nephi 9:5

Centuries later, as Mormon was abridging Nephi’s large plates, he came across the small plates. The small plates covered many of the same events described in the large plates that Mormon had already abridged, but the small plates focused more on spiritual matters and the ministry and teachings of the prophets. God inspired Mormon to include the small plates of Nephi in his record in addition to the large plates.

Like Nephi, Mormon didn’t understand God’s purpose for having both sets of plates, but he trusted that it was “for a wise purpose” (Words of Mormon 1:7).

Gospel Media: Mormon Abridging the Plates

Today we know what God’s purpose was. In 1828, after Joseph Smith had translated part of Mormon’s abridgment of Nephi’s large plates (116 manuscript pages), Martin Harris lost those pages. God commanded Joseph not to retranslate this portion because evil men would change the words and try to discredit Joseph (see Doctrine and Covenants 10, section heading; Doctrine and Covenants 10:14–19, 30–45).

Video and Images from Doctrine and Covenants Stories

Thankfully, God had foreseen this and provided the small plates, which covered the same history that was lost with the 116 pages. The small plates compose the books that come before Words of Mormon, and Mormon’s abridgment of the large plates begins after the Words of Mormon.

Gospel Media “Mormon Compiles Sacred Writings” Coloring Page

Gospel Media

Invite the children to share stories they have learned from the Book of Mormon so far this year (pictures from the Gospel Art Book may help them remember). Explain that we have these stories in the Book of Mormon because Mormon listened when the Holy Ghost told him to include them.

Story Idea

Share an experience when you followed a prompting from the Holy Ghost (or share the story below). How did your actions bless others? Explain that Heavenly Father wants us to help and bless others, so He sends the Holy Ghost to guide us.

Friend March 2020 “Check the Kittens” After everyone has gone to bed, a girl kept having the thought to go and check on their kittens. She acted on the prompting and found that a warming light had fallen over onto the kittens cardboard box and would have caught on fire. The Holy Ghost helped keep their family and kittens safe.


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