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Friend April 2020 “Helping with the Restoration” In 1820, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith. The Restoration of the gospel began that day 200 years ago. It continues today! Here are four ways you can help with the Restoration and prepare for the time when Jesus will return:

Friend April 2020 “Learning about the Restoration “The missionaries are teaching this family about how the gospel of Jesus Christ was restored. Find the items below that represent parts of the Restoration.

Friend December 2015 “The Restoration Puzzle” Story about how to teach restoration using a puzzle.

Ensign February 2020 “Celebrating the Restoration” Invite people to create artwork about the early events of the Restoration. It could include paintings, illustrations, sculptures, photographs, and so on. Ask them to choose an event or theme from the Restoration for their art. Schedule a time and place to display them all together and invite others to come and see them. Or, organize a simple parade with different individuals or groups representing different events, revealed truths, or blessings of the Restoration. If circumstances allow, invite each individual or group to share the significance of the event, truth, or blessing they represented. Perhaps you could have a parade just for children. (See more ideas at link.)

Truths Restored

Through Joseph Smith the following truths were restored: eternal families, Godhead, Book of Mormon as a witness of the truth of the Bible and Jesus Christ, priesthood authority, baptism of children not babies, salvation for the dead, our eternal potential as children of God, and modern revelation. Chapter one of Teachings of the Presidents: Gordon B. hinckley

Joseph Smith

Lehi Refers to a Prophecy About Joseph Smith

Liahona February 2020 “Meet the Four Josephs” Lehi tells his son Joseph about some of the prophecies that Joseph of Egypt made about Joseph Smith, who was named after his father, Joseph. The article includes the following: What Did Joseph of Egypt Say about Joseph Smith? How Was Joseph Smith Like Joseph of Egypt? How Did Lehi Know about Joseph of Egypt?

The First Vision

Friend May 2020 “How to Hear Jesus Christ” During the First Vision, God the Father pointed to Jesus Christ and said, “This is my Beloved Son. Hear Him!” That message to Joseph Smith is for each of us.

Wards and Companies

Friend July 2018 “Take Care of Each Other” Joseph Smith organized wards in Nauvoo as a way to take care of the many people who were moving there. Companies were organized when crossing the plains. These also helped take care of each other better. President Eyring’s Great grandfather was helped when he got sick on the trail west. Today, wards continue to help us take care of each other.

Tabernacle Choir

Tabernacle Organ and Musicians  “Sharing Time: Making Music for the Church” Friend October 1987

World Wide Church

The Church in Great Britain   Friend August 1987



Friend November 2018 “Conference News” Changes to length of Primary and the manuals used.


Name of the Church

Friend November 2018 “The Correct Name of the Church” The prophet, Russell M. Nelson, directs church members to use the correct name of the church. Questions are answered to explain why. Also a book mark is included and an example cartoon of how to respond when people ask what church we belong to.

Baptized Members can be Witnesses at Baptism

Friend November 2019 “Conference News” President Nelson announced that anyone who has been baptized can be an official witness at another person’s baptism.

Friend May 2020 “Conference News” Announcements and changes such as a new church symbol, a new proclamation about the restoration, etc.

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