The Liahona & Traveling in the Wilderness

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The Liahona & Traveling in the Wilderness


The Liahona

Come, Follow Me—For Primary: Book of Mormon 2020: I Nephi 11-15

Storytelling Ideas

Book of Mormon Stories  “Traveling in the Wilderness” Video and Images

Book of Mormon Videos 

Friend January 2020 “Book of Mormon Cutouts” Act out the story of Nephi getting the plates, or you can choose a narrator and use the cutouts and give everyone a piece to hold.


Friend May 2000 “Sharing Time: Keeping Promises” The Liahona is like the Holy Ghost. Roller Box figures.


Friend June 1987 “Compass of Faith” Liahona dot-to-dot and story figures.

Storytelling Ideas for Little Ones

Friend January 2016 “Journey to the Promised Land” We can be obedient like Nephi.  Video

Friend February 2020 “Nephi’s Broken Bow”

Friend January 2020 “Following the Liahona: Action Rhyme”

Lesson Ideas

Teaching the Scripture Readers: In the Wilderness

Friend January 2020 “Come, Follow Me for Little Ones” Read 1 Nephi 17:13 together and help your little ones say, “The Lord will guide me.” Turn off the lights and walk around a room using just flashlights. Talk about how Jesus, like the light, can help us feel safer and know what to do.

Activity Ideas

Friend July 2020 “Small and Simple Puzzle” Like the Liahona that guided Lehi’s family, simple things can help us solve big problems (see Alma 37:6, 38–44). What are small and simple ways you can follow Jesus? Can you find each of the pieces below in the puzzle?

Friend February 2020 “Coloring Page: Nephi Trusted God”

Scripture Stories Coloring Book—Book of Mormon Draw what you think the Liahona looks like. How did the Liahona work?


Additional Friend Resource

Friend September 1988 “Scriptural Giants: Nephi Man of Faith” Nephi’s brothers become angry with him on their way back from getting Ishmael’s family, and they tie him up.

Friend November 1987
Lehi–Man of Vision (part two)

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