1 Nephi 1-7: Lehi and His Family Leave Jerusalem

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Lehi and His Family Leave Jerusalem Listen to the Prophet

Come Follow Me Primary 2020: 1 Nephi 1-7

Introduction Ideas

Friend March 1988 “Name this Prophet” Read the clues and name this Book of Mormon prophet. (Lehi)

Scripture Story Ideas

Book of Mormon Stories “Lehi Warns the People” Video and Images

Book of Mormon Stories “Lehi Leaves Jerusalem”  Video and Images

Friend October 1987 “Lehi–Man of Vision” Lehi’s story

Lesson Ideas

Teaching the Scripture Readers “Lehi Leaves Jerusalem” Lesson Ideas

Teaching the Scripture Readers

Friend January 1986 “Lehi and Sariah’s Family” Arrange the names of Lehi, Sariah, and their six sons on this crossword puzzle.

Friend January 2016

Nephi Gained His Own Testimony

Nephi prayed and gained his own testimony that the Lord had commanded his family to leave Jerusalem.

Activity and Game Ideas

Game: Have the children put the Book of Mormon story pictures in the correct order. Read the story and allow the children to make changes. Explain that Lehi built an altar to give thanks. Have the children put a stone on the altar for every way the Lord has helped them.


 Friend November 2015 “Leaving Jerusalem” Unscramble the names and then match with the description.

Friend November 2015

Refreshment Ideas

Friend January 2020 “My Family Night Fun” Mix-and-Match Trail Mix: Use nuts, cereal, dried fruit, pretzels, or other small snacks to make your own trail mix. Start by giving each person in your family a resealable plastic bag. Then take turns adding ingredients. Shake your bags to mix! Trail mix is used for hiking and camping, and Lehi and his family were going on an similar type extended trip. Could have children name other things they might have taken on their trip as they add each ingredient.

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