Introduction to the Book of Mormon

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Introduction to the Book of Mormon


Introduction to the Book of Mormon





Introductory Pages of the Book of Mormon Come, Follow Me—For Primary: Book of Mormon 2020

Introduction Ideas

Invite the children to share stories they know from the Book of Mormon, using pictures 67–86 in the Gospel Art Book or other pictures you have. And/or have everyone draw their favorite Book of Mormon story. Then have each child tell about their picture.

Purpose of the Book of Mormon

To Bear Testimony of Jesus Christ

See the purpose stated on its title page–to convince all that Jesus is the Christ.

Friend January 2020 “Come Follow Me for Little Ones” Read the full title of the Book of Mormon, including the subtitle, “Another Testament of Jesus Christ.” Put a picture of the Savior somewhere in the pages of a Book of Mormon. Help your children flip through the book and find the picture. You could do this repeatedly, and every time you find it, help your little ones say, “The Book of Mormon is about Jesus!”

All of the prophets in the Book of Mormon taught about Jesus.

Friend January 2016 “The Book of Mormon Teaches about Jesus Christ” Take turns reading these scriptures. Each talks about a Book of Mormon prophet who taught about Jesus. Match the scripture with the prophet who said it.

Friend January 2016





Friend January 2020 “Bright Idea: The Book of Mormon is about Jesus”





Friend January 2020 “The Book of Mormon Tells of Christ” Song. Sing-along Video  The last two verses are about the importance of the Book of Mormon in teaching us about Jesus Christ.

How We Got the Book of Mormon

Friend July 1988 “Calendar Cutouts” Read one scripture each day. Match the highlighted scriptures to the correct picture. Ezekiel 37:15-20, 2 Nephi 3:12; 29:8, Psalm 85:11& Mormon 8:16, Moses 7:62 & Isaiah 29:4, 2 Nephi 26:14-17, Ether1:1 & 2:11, Enos 1:15-16, Mormon 5:12-14, Revelation 14:6, 1 Nephi 1:1 & 9:5, Omni 1:8-9, Introduction to Helaman, 3 Nephi 23:4-5, 3 Nephi 23:6-14, Words of Mormon 1:1-2, Mormon 8:1 & Moroni 10:1-2, Joseph Smith History 1:30-35, D&C 27:5 & 128:20, Joseph Smith History 1:44-47, Joseph Smith History 1:48-50, Joseph Smith History 1:51-52, Joseph Smith History 1:53-54, Joseph Smith History 1:59, Joseph Smith History 1:62, Joseph Smith History 1:67 & D&C 3:preface, D&C 25:1&5-6, Isaiah 29:11, Joseph Smith History 1:61 & 63-65, 2 Corinthians 13:1 & D&C 5:4 &11&13, D&C 19:preface & 26 & 34-35, Joseph Smith History 1:60

Friend July 1988





Sing “Book of Mormon Stories” (Children’s Songbook, 118)

Book of Mormon Stories: Chapter One “How We Got the Book of Mormon” Video and images about the story of Joseph Smith and the golden plates.

Translating the Book of Mormon

Come, Follow Me—For Primary: Book of Mormon 2020 “Introductory Pages of the Book of Mormon”

Show the children an image of characters from the golden plates. Explain that God helped Joseph translate these characters into words we can read and understand.

two golden plates showing written characters

Joseph Smith translated the characters written on the golden plates.

Introductory Pages of the Book of Mormon


Ensign January 2020 “Family Study Fun” A fun activity to help the children listen to the introduction as it is read.

hands holding up cards

  1. Write the following on index cards, one word per card: Mormon, Lord, Testimony, God, Jesus, Joseph, Plates, Prophet.

  2. Pass out the cards (one or two per person) and instruct family members to lift the card high when they hear the word.

  3. Read the introduction to the Book of Mormon aloud.

Come Follow Me Primary 2020: Introductory Pages Ask the children to pretend you have never heard of the Book of Mormon before. Invite them to work with a partner to think of ways they could explain to you what it is and where it came from, using details from the introduction. Then let each pair take turns teaching you.

The Book of Mormon is the Key Stone of Our Religion

Ensign January 2016 Consider using a set of dominoes or gathering items from around your home to use as dominoes. Have family members set them up in a line and then push the first one over. Discuss how the Book of Mormon is central to the message of the Church and how it is like the first domino: once we know for ourselves that the Book of Mormon is true, all of the other truths of the Restoration fall into place, just like the other dominoes.


Friend March 1988 “Sharing Time” Learning how to find stories and information in the Book of Mormon. Includes an activity for putting the books in the right order.


  1. Have each child make his own Book of Mormon storybook throughout the year as they read. Write title for each book on separate page. Then have children write, in their own words, stories of people they learn about in each book and the lessons they learned from the stories. They could also draw pictures or cut out and paste pictures into their storybook.

  2. Sing “The Books in the Book of Mormon” (More Songs for Children, page 32). Have children arrange titles in correct order before song is completed.

Reading the Book of Mormon

See the post Reading the Book of Mormon.


Friend November 2016 Find the answers to the below quiz in Elder Stevenson conference address “Look to the Book, Look to the Lord.”


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