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Fathers Support Their Children

Friend July 2018 “Race Day with Dad” When Elder Natriss was a child he wanted to build a derby car. His father helped him. Then he took his car to a derby race. His car wasn’t fancy like the other cars and people were laughing, but he was okay because his dad was with him. He won all the races and got second place.

We can also have confidence in our righteous choices, even though they may not be popular, because our Heavenly Father is with us.



Fathers Help Their Children

Friend June 2019 “Guess Who?” Action Rhyme of guessing who the person is.



Friend June 2017 “Running with Dad” TJ is sad and lonely after moving, but he feels better after he and his dad  start preparing to run a marathon together.


Fathers Teach Their Children

The Price of Shaving Cream – A father teaches his son honesty and consequences of stealing. Friend June 1984


Friend June 2018 “An Unbeatable Team” Tyrell was excited to watch his father play church basketball, but when they got there his father noticed no one had cleaned the building, so he and Tyrell cleaned. 

Through Example

Friend June 2017 “Why are Fathers so Important?” Elder Christopherson’s father set an example of honesty and service and Elder Christopherson wanted to be just like his father.



Friend June 1986 “For Little Friends: Daddy’s Shoes” Poem about boy who fills his daddy’s shoes when he helps his mother. He also observes the things his father does in his shoes.

Friend June 1986 Poem

Father’s Love

Friend June 1988 “My Dad’s Shoes” Annie has to give a talk about her father. Her father isn’t a member of the church, but he shows love for others and his family, and that is what Annie talks about.







Kim’s Father – Kim’s father wasn’t raised to show affection and love, but he feels it. Friend June 1986

Father’s Blessings

Friend February 2016 “You are Special” Emma gets a father’s blessing.




Fathers Need to Make Time for their Children

Friend June 2020 “Swimming Like a Seahorse” Robin passed off his seahorse swimming badge and wanted to show his father what he could do. His father promised he would go swimming with Robin, but he never seemed to have time. One morning as he was praying, Robin asked Heavenly Father to give his dad some extra time so they could go to the pool. After Robin’s prayer, his dad came in and said they should go to the pool. His dad said that he felt the Holy Ghost reminding him that he needed to make time for his son.


Friend June 2020 ” The Strongest Person She Knew” Olivia had to write a paper about the strongest person she knew.. Her stepfather lifted weights and ran so she decides to write about him. Then, Olivia started noticing all the things her stepfather did for the family and realized that there were many ways to be strong, like doing hard things.

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