Death & Resurrection: Stories

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Friend April 2020 “Matt and Mandy” Matt had heard stories about his great-grandpa and wished he could have met him. His mother tells him that he will meet him; because of Jesus he will be resurrected someday.

Friend April 2019 “I Will See Him Again” When Sister Aburto’s older brother died when she was nine, she was very sad and daydreamed of seeing him again. When she got baptized she learned that someday he would be resurrected and she would see him again.

Friend November 2017 “What do People do after they Die?” Elder Russell M. Nelson tells about his grandfather being visited by his father after he had died. They talked about teaching the gospel in the spirit world and other things about death.

Friend April 2017  Do you have a friend or family member who has died? Bring their picture to family night and read “Erika’s Dream Park.” Explain that you will see them again because of Jesus Christ. You can share your testimony of His Atonement and Resurrection.

Friend January 1988 “An Understanding Friend” A boy mourning his grandfather’s death is taught about the resurrection by a new friend.


Friend March 2016 “Fishing Buddies” A boy mourns for his grandfather and doesn’t want to go where there are memories of him. (Also includes info about dealing with death.)


Friend April1987 “My Brother Hans” A boy’s brother, who he was very close to, dies, but he knows his brother will be resurrected.


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