Armor of God

Friend October 2019 “Find It” This girl drew the armor of God that she learned about in the scriptures (see Ephesians 6:11). Can you find the hidden objects?





Ensign March 2017 “Put On Your Armor” Draw a line from one number to another for every item mentenioned concerning the gospel things we can do that help protect us from the bad things of the world.





Friend February 2017 “Friends By Mail” Picture of the children wearing the armor they made for family home evening.

See also Book of Mormon Lesson 25 and the song Scripture Power








Ensign October 2019 “The Armor of God” Lesson ideas for what each armor item represents.





Ensign August 2018 “Building Spiritual Patterns” A girl’s parents put imaginary armor on her and her siblings before they left for school each day. This was meant to remind them of the spiritual armor that would protect them from evil.

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