Prophet: Thomas S. Monson

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A Jericho Road” Thomas learns an important lesson about unselfishness when his mother gives a widow’s son a train at Christmas.
Friend August 2015 “Fire”  Thomas learns the importance of obedience after starting a grass fire with matches.






Friend January 2016 As a deacon, President took the sacrament to a homebound man.










Young Adult

Friend April 2017 “Follow the Prophet” Thomas Monson wanted to be an officer in the military. Harold B. Lee told Thomas the military wasn’t for him, so Thomas gave up his commision. A few week school later he was called as a bishop.


Friend June 2016 President Monson wrote letters to members of the military in his ward. We can follow his example.







Friend Feb 2015 “Showing Love Through Service” Elder Monson gives his suit to a man in Germany whose suit was worn out.


Friend Sept 1987 “Blaze,…” Elder Monson shares his faith in the power of prayer when a boy’s horse becomes sick.


Friend November 1987 “Gift of Faith” During a visit to a village in Samoa, Elder Monson is inspired to shake each child’s hand. He finds out they had prayed for that.



Overview of His Life

Friend February 2018 “Remembering President Thomas S. Monson” Includes photos

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