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Friendshipping Others

Friend September 2017 “Find It” Everyone should have someone to play with at recess! Samantha and Jia want to help. Can you help them find those kids who might need a friend?





Friend September 2019 “Find It” These friends play board games together after school. They like to invite new students to play so they can all make new friends! Can you find the hidden objects?


We Need Each Other

Friend August 2017 “Row Together” Match each person with another person who has what they need. This activity shows some ways we need each other, such as you can’t play a team sport without other people, or we need each other’s talents to accomplish certain things. (Link also includes a story)

Friend February 1984 - Link includes instructions

Friend February 1984 – Link includes instructions






Being a Friend

Friend June 2018 “Family Night Fun” Add to the chain each time you do something towards being a good friend such as being kind, including others, etc.

Each Friend is Unique

Friend September 2018 “Food & Fun: Getting to Know You”  Play this game to learn more about what makes your friends unique! Write questions and wrap them into a ball.

Friends Around the World

Friend April 2017 “Everybody Needs a Friend” Match the way to say hello with the country’s flag. Also, find something in common like soccer. (Link includes a soccer maze.)

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