Child of God: Stories & Poems

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God is Our Father

Friend January 2017 “Kylie’s Parents” Kylie is like her earthly parents, and she is also like her Heavenly Parents. PDF version

  We Can Become Like Our Heavenly Father

Friend February 2019 “He Wants the Best for Me” Elder Martinez recalls a time his earthly father demonstrated his love by wanting his son to be a better doctor than him when he grew up. This made it easier for Elder Martinez to accept the missionaries teachings that he could become like God because God the Father would want the best for his children. (Activity: Baby animals also grow up to be like their parents. Follow the path from the baby animals to their parents.)

Heavenly Family

Friend July 2016 “No Matter Who You Are” Andi worries because her family aren’t members and they haven’t been sealed in the temple, but her teacher reminds her she is also a child of God.

Heavenly Father Loves All His Children

Friend January 2018 “Am I a Child of God?” Chloe hears the song “I am a Child of God”in Primary and wonders why she wasn’t born to “parents kind and dear,” and wonders whether or not she’s is a child of God. She was adopted out because her original parents weren’t kind.

We Feel His Love When We Pray

Friend February 2017 “Explorer Everett” Everett knows Heavenly Father loves him because He answers Everett’s prayers. Activity: Find the things in the picture that show Heavenly Father and Jesus’s love.

Different but all Children of God

Friend September 2020 “Children of Heavenly Parents” Lisa Harkness of the General Primary Presidency visited the people in Africa. She found that the people of Africa come from many different countries and cultures and they speak many different language, but they are rich in their faith and their knowledge that they are children of God.

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