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Temples Around the World

Friend July 2019 “Elder Andersen Visits Ivory Coast” Elder Neil L. Andersen and his wife, Sister Kathy Andersen, traveled to Ivory Coast for the groundbreaking of a new temple. (Activity: Children sing the words “I love to see the temple” in many different languages. Follow the line from each of these sentences to the correct language.)

Friend March 2019 “Watching the Rome Temple Grow” Gioele and Michele were excited to have a temple being built closer to their home. From time to time, they would go and see the progress of the construction, Their father, who worked on the temple, even invited them to see the angel Moroni being placed.

Friend October 2017 “From Paris to Sapporo” Two children tell of their excitement to get a temple near them.

Friend May 2018 “Show and Tell” Three children tell of their excitement to have a temple built in their country—India.

Temple Dedications

Friend October 2017 “The Temple Dedication” At his first temple dedication, CJ’s heart was filled with peace and the Spirit, and he knew that what the Apostles were saying was true.

Friend September 2019 “Elder Stephenson Visits Chile” Elder Stephenson visits Chile for a temple dedication, the second temple in Chile.

Preparing to Go to the Temple

Friend April 2017 “Prepare for the Temple Every Day” Sister Joy Jones prepared all her life to go to the temple.


Friend October 2017 “Worthiness Worries” Matthew can’t get the image of an immodestly dressed woman out of his head that he saw on an advertisement. He worries that he isn’t worthy to receive the priesthood (story could apply to temple worthiness worries too).

Baptisms for the Dead

First Time to Temple

Friend September 2019 “Peace in the Temple” Jose is a little nervous about his first time going to the temple. His grandmother assures him that there would be people there to help him the whole time. When he gets to the temple all his worries seemed to melt away. Everything was quiet and calm. He felt peace.

Friend October 2017 “Finding Lydia” Lydia isn’t excited to be graduating from Primary and going to Young Women’s, but she becomes more excited when her mother finds some family names for her to do baptisms for in the temple, and one is named Lydia.

Friend July 2016 “Abraham Abraham” A boy does baptisms at the temple for the first time and learns its importance.


Friend October 2019 “The Temple Challenge” Sister Jones, the general primary president, challenges a 12 year old boy to find a family name to take to the temple. He later writes to her letter telling of his success and of his opportunity to be baptized in the temple for his 3rd great grandfather and how that felt. He also tells her of his desire to do more.

Temple Sealings

Friend April 2020 “Alonso’s Forever Family” Alonso learned that because of Jesus’s resurrection people who have died will live again. He also learned about being sealed to his family. His parents had both  died and he was  living  with his grandma. were both He couldn’t  wait to go  to the temple and be sealed to his parents. He saved any money he  got  so he  and his grandma could make the trip to the temple. He was so grateful that  families can be together forever

Friend February 2019 “My Eternal Family” Addie was born in South Korea and adopted by a family in Washington USA. She was then sealed to her new family.

Friend July 2016 “Forever Brothers” Markus is sealed to his adoptive family.


Friend February 1987 Family sacrifes much to attend the temple and be sealed together.


Friend February 1987 Family is sealed together, including their baby brother who had died.
>Friend July 2016 “No Matter Who You Are” Andi worries because her family aren’t members and they haven’t been sealed in the temple, but her teacher reminds her she is also a child of God.


The Temple is a Place of Peace/God’s House

Friend February 2020 “A Temple for Italo” After traveling to go to the temple, his mother told Italo to pay attention to the special spirit he felt while he waited for his parents outside on the temple grounds with others. He did feel a special feeling while waiting, and he saw a sign that said it was God’s house. He drew a picture of the temple because he wanted to remember how he felt there and to remind him that he wanted to go inside some day.

Friend April 2020 “Building Again” After experiencing a terrifying fire  where Sam’s house burnt down along with most of the town, Sam didn’t know if anything would be okay again. One day at learning center, Sam built a temple out of blocks of wood. His mother said it could be the first decoration in their new house because, “The temple is a place of peace. It can remind us that no matter what happens, we’ll be OK.”

Sacrifices and Blessings Getting to Temple

Friend July 2018 “Isabella’s Journey” On their long six day trip to get to the temple, Isabella’s stake members are blessed with help, such as rain when drinking water runs out and member support and food along the journey.

Friend July 2015 "Temple Time"

Friend July 2015 – Boy helps with family history on computer so his parents can do the work at the temple.

Friend July 2015 "Matt & Mandy"

Friend July 2015  – Can feel the Holy Ghost in the temple.

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