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Gift of the Holy Ghost

Friend August 2019 “Open Your Hearts to the Holy Ghost” Clips from President Henry B. Eyring’s talks about the Holy Ghost.

What is the Holy Ghost

Friend June 2019 “The Holy Ghost is…”  The Holy Ghost is a member of the Godhead, a gift that comes with baptism, and a promise from Heavenly Father. He is a comforter, warning, teacher, messenger, friend.

How Does the Holy Ghost Help Us

Friend March 2020 “How Does Heavenly Father Speak to Us?”

  1. A feeling that Jesus loves us and that the gospel is true
  2. A comforting feeling when we are sad or lonely
  3. A happy feeling after we have repented
  4. A good feeling when we hear beautiful music or see inspiring art
  5. A peaceful feeling that something is a good choice
  6. A warning feeling that something is wrong

Friend October 2017 “How Can the Holy Ghost Help Me?”

The Holy Ghost Testifies of Truth

Friend June 2020 A testimony is a good feeling from the Holy Ghost telling you that something is true.

Holy Ghost is a Comforter

Friend October 2017 “Family Night Fun” Read “Sarah and the MRI.” When Sarah was comforted by the Holy Ghost, she felt like she was being wrapped in a blanket. Cut several strips of paper. Write a different way the Holy Ghost can help you on each one. Weave the papers together to make a blanket.

Fruits of the Spirit

Friend September 2019 “Family Night Fun” How many different kinds of fruit can your family name? Read “Paul’s Letters” (FJ4). One thing the Apostle Paul taught the people of Galatia was about the “fruit of the Spirit.” Like a tree that gives us fruit, the Holy Ghost can give us wonderful blessings. Talk about what blessings come from the Holy Ghost. (For a hint, look at Galatians 5:22–23.)

Why Do We Need the Gift of the Holy Ghost

Friend May 2017 “Why Do We Need the Gift of the Holy Ghost”

Ways to Feel the Spirit

Friend June 2016 Poem about a quiet place to go to pray and feel the Spirit. Also includes lesson ideas.


How can I be guided by the Holy Ghost? – Friend Jun. 2015 

Things that Block the Spirit

New Era January 2019 “How to Get Better Revelation Reception” Use a cup and string communication device and put folded papers on the string of things that might interfere with receiving revelation. (See article for more information.)

Object Lessons

Ensign July 2016 Recognizing promptings from the Holy Ghost: “I put various hard foods–such as rice, beans, pasta shells, and peppercorns–into opaque plastic containers, using two containers for each food item. We then challenged our children to match the foods by shaking the containers and listening carefully. After a few rounds I asked how this activity might be compared to identifying the voice of the Spirit among other distracting influences. Before long, the older children were telling about their experiences with the Holy Ghost, and we all gained an appreciation for what it means to hear and feel the still, small voice.” Anita L. Reeves

Ensign April 2017 “The Just Shall Live by Faith” Draw a features on a face blindfolded by listening to directions from friends or family.

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