Latter Day Apostles

Dieter F. Uchdorf

Friend July 2017 “Don’t Stop Seeking” President Uchdorf tells about two missionaries who knocked on every door in an apartment building. Nobody was interested until the last door. The last door was the family of Pres. Uchdorf’s future wife. He says we should perservere and not stop seeking to get close to the Lord.

Friend March 2020 “Meet the Apostles” Some info about the life of Dieter F. Uchdorf.

M. Russell Ballard

Friend January 2020 ” Meet the Apostles: President M. Russell Ballard”

Ronald A. Rasband

Dallin H. Oaks

Friend January 2017 “Will Heavenly Father Always Answer My Prayers” When Elder Oaks was seven his father became sick and died.

D. Todd Christopherson

Friend June 2020 “Meet the Apostles: D. Todd Christopherson”

New Era January 2019  Some info about the life of D. Todd Christopherson.

Friend August 2016
Friend Aug 2016 Christopherson

Friend June 2017 “Why are Fathers so Important?” Elder Christopherson’s father set an example of honesty and service and Elder Christopherson wanted to be just,like his father.

David A. Bednar

Friend April 2020 “Meet the Apostles: Elder David A. Bednar”

Friend April 2017 “Be Consistent and Keep Trying” Elder Bednar’s father was not a member of the church, but Elder Bednar was able to baptize him.

Jeffery R. Holland

Friend February 2020 “Meet the Apostles: Jeffery R. Holland”

Friend March 2017 “What if I feel Like I Don’t Measure Up” Elder Holland got discouraged during college and wondered if he should just give up, but his wife encouraged him not to to give up.

Henry B. Eyring

Friend August 2019 President Eyring does watercolor paintings.

Friend April 2016 “Your Future Home” President Eyring remembers reading scriptures in school, and he remembers what his favorite scripture was and why.

Friend July 2018 “Taking Care of Each Other” When President Eyring’s great grandfather was crossing the plains, he got sick. Someone was sent to help him. He fell in love with one of the women and married her. Also, link includes “Getting to Know President Henry B. Eyring.”

Quentin L. Cook

Dale G. Renlund

Friend December 2017 “How Can Repenting Make Me Feel Happy?” When Elder Renlund was young, he lit a firecracker in a church building and felt terrible about it. His bishop helped him repent and feel happy again.

Neil L. Anderson

Friend July 2020

Meet the Apostles “Elder Neil L. Andersen

Gary E. Stevenson

Friend September 2020 “Meet the Apostles”

Friend October 2016 “Meet Elder Gary E. Stevenson”

Friend October 2016


Friend April 2016
Friend April 2016 Apostles travel around the world to visit with the people
Friend November 2015
Friend November 2015 -See link for more info about newly called apostles.
Friend April 1986
Friend April 1986 Recognizing the Apostles or prophets.

Latter Day Apostles from the Past

Tom L. Perry

Friend November 2017 “Elder Perry helps a girl find her family when she become separated from them at a pumpkin walk.

Robert D. Hales

Friend November 2017 “Remembering Robert D. Hales”

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