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Following Jesus’s Example of Being Kind

Friend November 2019 “Being an Example” Activity Included: Draw a line to match the pictures of Jesus with ways you can be kind too.

Filling Each Other’s Buckets

Friend June 2019 Story “Each of us has an imaginary bucket inside of us. People fill our buckets when they do nice things for us. And we fill others’ buckets when we’re nice to them. For example, when your mom gives you a hug, she is filling your bucket. When you say something nice to someone, you are filling their bucket.”

Have each child decorate some small bucket, and have class members or family members write kind things about each person to put in their buckets.

Ensign August 2017 “A Disciples Life” Circle two or three things you could do this week to be kind to others.

Ensign July 2017 “Family Home Evening Ideas” Consider asking family members to come to family home evening prepared to share a time when someone showed kindness to them and how it made them feel. Share one of the stories about kindness. You could then read together the “Looking Inside” and “Looking Outside” lists included with the article, inviting family members to select one or two ideas to work on. Encourage them to share their experiences at a future family home evening. You might want to conclude by singing “A Special Gift Is Kindness” or “Kindness Begins with Me” (Children’s Songbook, 145).


Friend April 2015 “Family Fun Time”  Post on wall all the acts of kindness others have done for you.

Using Kind Words

Friend May 2019 “For Parents of Little Ones” Teaching little ones to use kind words.




Friend August 2017 “Happy to Help” A girl born in a refugee camp but now lives in Utah helps translate for new kids at Primary. Some ideas for helping new kids include: “If you don’t speak their language, find someone who can translate.
Learn how to say hello in their language. In Kirundi, say “Amakuru.” In Swahili, say “Jambo!”
Invite them to come play with you.”

Friend September 2020 “Friends By Mail” A family came up with some kindness tips: “If there’s a new kid at school, offer to show them around and introduce them to your other friends. Share things about yourself so they get to know you, and ask questions about them.”

Love, Kindness, and Looking for the Good

Friend September 2016 “Family Night Fun” Musical chairs but when someone gets out have everyone say one nice thing about them. Look for the good.

Friend September 2016
Friend September 2016

Friend April 2016 What does it mean to be kind? Write something for each letter of the alphabet on a poster. Set some family goals and hang up the poster.

Friend April1987 “Being Kind Like Jesus”

Ensign January 2016 “The Kindness Challenge” When Jesus visited the people in the Americas, He taught them to love each other and to be kind. What can you do to follow Jesus and love others? Here are some ideas. Check off each challenge as you go.

Ensign January 2016

Friend February 2016 “Student of the Week”

Friend February 2016


Ensign August 2017 “The Burdens of Bullying” Lesson ideas about teaching children how to avoid becoming bullies themselves –including the below object lesson idea.

Cover several cans of food with paper and take turns writing on the cans ways that others hurt us, like ignoring, yelling, hitting, or saying, “I don’t like you.” Then blow up some balloons. Use a marker to write on the balloons ways that others make us happy, like sharing toys or saying, “I like playing with you.” Have two people each hold a basket or box while everyone else gives balloons to one person and cans to the other. Explain how positive behaviors and words make our loads easy to carry, but negative actions and comments can weigh us down. Talk about what you and your family can do to help lighten others’ burdens.

Friend January 2016- “Question Corner” A girl at school is always mean to me. How can I still be kind to her?

Friend January 2016

Friend October 2015  “The Bullying Problem/The Kindness Challenge”

Friend October 2015

Jesus showed love and kindness to everyone around Him. Take this quiz and think about how you can follow His example.

Friend May 2020 “What’s on Your Mind?” Someone wants to know how to stand up for someone who is being bullied. The Friendngives some tips and suggest acting them out.

Friend April 2020 “Come Follow Me for Little Ones” Read Mosiah 4:26 together and help your little ones say, “I can help those in need.” This would be a great time to do a family service project. For example, young children could decorate paper bags and help fill them with snacks or other items to comfort people who seem sad or lonely.

Friend April 2020 “My Family Night Fun” Kindness Challenge: Do a family kindness challenge! Set out a small jar. Throughout the week, put a small object in the jar every time you do something kind. Can you fill it to the top?

Come, Follow Me—For Primary: Book of Mormon 2020 “Mosiah 4-6”

  • I should treat others with love and kindness.
  • Draw a small heart on the board. Invite the children to share ways they can be kind to others. Each time they share, erase the heart and draw a bigger one. Testify that our love for others grows as we are kind to them. Give the children paper hearts, and invite them to draw on the hearts ways they can show love and be kind.
  • Help the children search Mosiah 4:13–16, 26 and identify phrases that describe how we can serve others. Invite them to act out these things or draw pictures of them, and let the other children guess the phrase. How can we show love and kindness at home, at school, or at church?
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