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Boys and Men Receive the Priesthood

Friend April 2018 “The Priesthood and Me” Journal entries from a girl who wonders why only boys receive the priesthood. She learns that both boys and girls use priesthood power for their callings and responsibilities.

Receiving the Priesthood

Friend May 2017 “Awesome! Robert receives the Aaronic Priesthood and learns about the line of authority.





Friend June 2016 “Was I Ready” A boy prays to know if he is ready to receive the priesthood.






Friend October 2017 “Worthiness Worries” Matthew can’t get the image of an immodestly dressed woman out of his head that he saw on an advertisement. He worries that he isn’t worthy to receive the priesthood. His mother helps him remember that the Savior took on himself all our difficulties and he can help us.

Duties of the Priesthood

Friend November 2015 “Priesthood Power” Bobby learns that the priesthood is about serving people.

Friend November 2015





Friend January 2016 President Monson fulfilled his deacon duties by taking the sacrament to a home bound man and by being a good secretary.




Father’s Blessings

Friend November 2019 “The Primary Talk” Dennis was afraid to give a talk in Primary. He prayed, prepared, and practiced but he was still nervous, so he asked his father to give him a blessing. After the blessing he was able to give the talk with only a few stutters, and he knew Heavenly Father had helped him.






Friend June 2019 “A New Chapter” Sarah’s dad died in an accident and she and her mom had to move to a new place. Sarah is sad a lot and she is also worried about not knowing anyone in church or school. She would like a blessing, but her dad isn’t there to give her one. Her mom suggests her uncle give the blessing. After the blessing, Sarah quickly makes friends at church and school.





Friend September 2017 “Moresby the Brave” Moresby is worried about starting school, so his father gives him a blessing. Moresby’s day goes well, and he is even brave enough to help someone else who is having a hard time on their first day.

Friend February 2016 “You are Special” In Emma’s blessing from her father, Emma gets a message from Heavenly Father.











Friend June 2018 “Twin Jitters” Kaylee is nervous about getting baptized. She worries about being dropped or not being able to breath. Her twin brother is also nervous. Her grandmother suggests they get a blessing from their father. Afterwards they feel much better.



Healing Blessings

Friend March 2020 “Hayfields and Priesthood Blessings” When Elder Gerard was a boy, he lived on a farm. The dust from the hay sometimes made him sick because of his allergies. One windy summer day there was a lot of dust in the air and he was having a hard time breathing. His mother brought him in and had two farmers who were members of church give him a priesthood blessing.  As they blessed him, he felt warm, peaceful, and calm.





Friend October 2019 “Matt and Mandy” Matt hurt his arm and needs surgery. He asks to get a blessing before the surgery.





Friend February 2017 “Danger at the Ice Pond” Alice tries to help push the blocks of ice in the pond, but the ice she is standing on cracks and breaks. Her father rushes her home and gives her a priesthood blessing and she has no ill effects.





Friend July 1988 “Power of Prayer” A pioneer father is inspired that something was wrong at home. When he arrives he finds that his daughter has fallen into the fireplace. He gives her a blessing and every promise is fulfilled.

Friend May 2016 “Bad Day in the Badlands” Topher and his classmates get sick on a school trip. Topher gets a priesthood blessing.
Friend May 2016

Friend May 2016

Friend April 2018  “I got sick when my dad was on a business trip. My mom called Brother Hillstrom and Brother Judkins, and they gave me a blessing. They told me that the priesthood was real and Heavenly Father could help me get better. I knew that I might not get better right away, but I would get well soon. I love the priesthood.”

Sienna P., age 8, Utah, USA

Baby Blessings

Friend June 2019 “Baby’s Blessing Day”  Kate learns that a baby blessing is special when her baby sister gets blessed.

Blessings Without a Father


Priesthood Ordinations and Organization



Friend March 2017 “My Dad the Bishop” Syrena was surprised when her dad was called as bishop because she thought bishops were solemn and had perfect families, but she learns that they are men with strong testimonies.

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