Sabbath Day Holy: Lesson Ideas

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Sabbath Music

Friend August 2017 “Family Night Fun” Music can affect our mood and our ability to feel the Spirit.






Ideas of Things to do on the Sabbath

Ensign March 2017 “Helping Children Delight in the Sabbath” Lots of wonderful ideas of fun things to do with children on the Sabbath.

Friend August 2017 Have the children make a notebook of their favorite stories and activities from the Friend magazine.

Friend August 2017 “To make the Sabbath day special, we make scripture scenes from our toys. We made Moses standing on Mount Sinai while the Israelites worshipped a golden calf.” Nathan, Ryan, and Paul


Goal Card







Ensign March 1992 “So Why is Sunday Different” Jack Weyland

Play a conference talk while other things are making noise such as appliances, tv, radio, etc. In order to hear the conference talk the first thing they will have to do is to turn off all the competing noises. That is why Heavenly Father has given us the Sabbath day—so we can turn off competing influences and listen to the Spirit.

Strengthen Family Relationships: Play “Spin the Family Bottle.” This requires a large, empty soda pop bottle. The family sits in a circle. Someone spins the bottle on the floor, then tells what he or she likes about the person to whom it points. Next, that person spins the bottle and the process is repeated.

Primary 1 Manual: Lesson 15 “The Sabbath is a Day of Worship”

Primary 7 Manual: Lesson 14  “Jesus Christ and the Sabbath Day”

Friend August 2015 – Children’s responses about how to keep the Sabbath Day holy.

Primary 2 Manual: Lesson 37 “I Can Keep the Sabbath Day Holy”





Primary 6 Manual: Lesson 20 “The Israelites Receive Food from Heaven”

Object Lesson: Use a pitcher of water, a bowl, and a cup to illustrate how we might become spiritually filled. Pour water from the pitcher into the cup, explaining that as we attend our Church meetings, worship, and keep the Sabbath day holy, we are filled with the spirit of the Lord. During the week we are involved in activities that may drain our spiritual reserves. Name several possibilities, such as school, chores, sports, friends, a disagreement with a family member, or making a wrong choice, as you pour water from the cup into the bowl.  On the Sabbath day we can become spiritually filled and refreshed again. (Primary 6 Manual: Lesson 20)

Friend April 2017 “For Parents of Little Ones” Ideas for helping your little ones have a holy Sabbath Day.

Friend January 2018 “For Parents of Little Ones” Ideas for helping your little ones have a holy Sabbath Day.

Friend January 2016 “For Parents of Little Ones”  Ideas for attending church with little ones.


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