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Friendship is the Best Gift

Friend September 2018 “The Candy Bar“ Ben is invited the Dante’s birthday party, but his family doesn’t have money to buy gifts, so they get Dante a candy bar. Dante expresses his appreciation for the gift and that he is glad that he and Ben are friends. Friendship is the best gift.

Not Alike, but Friends

Friend July 2019 “The Perfect Match” Maggie loved to match things. When she saw a blond girl sitting sadly alone, she tried to friendship her with a friend that was also blond. Later, her father asked Maggie why she didn’t play with Anna. Then he reminded her that we need to love others as Jesus did, and that it didn’t matter whether we looked the same or thought in the the same ways.

Finding Friends

Pray for Help
Friend December 2017 “Signs of Friendship” Conner has a hard time finding a friend, and his mother suggests he pray about it. A boy that is deaf moves into the neighborhood. Conner realizes the boy must be lonely too, so Conner learns some sign language and goes and introduces himself.

Friend October 2019 “The Phone Call” Mackenzie is lonely after her best friend moves. She prays for help, and Heavenly Father blesses her to find a new best friend.

To Get a Friend, Be a Friend

Friend October 1988 “Friends for the Asking” Trent had lots of friends before he moved, now he doesn’t know anybody and his birthday party is coming up. He learns that he needs try harder and put some effort into making friends.

Friend September 1986 “Two for Lunch” A girl wants someone to eat lunch with at school. Her mom tells her to look around and find someone eating alone and invite them.

Friend April 2017 “Star Shines” Star is a new member of the church and is anxious because she has never been to Primary before and doesn’t know anyone. She sees another girl that looks anxious too, and Star invites her to sit with her. The two new girls now both have a friend.

Friend August 2018 “Finding a Friend” Christy’s family had just moved, and she didn’t know anyone at her new school. At recess no one came to play with her. It seemed like all the friends were taken. One day she helped someone who was hurt and they became friends. She learned that to get a friend you have to be a friend.

Friends Say Their Sorry 

Friend July 2020 “How to Lose a Friend” When Charlotte’s friend got a solo in the choir concert and she didn’t, Charlotte was hurt and said something mean to her friend that she didn’t mean. She didn’t know how to fix things. She decided to give her presentation in class about how to lose a friend, hoping that her friend would see she was sorry and forgive her. 

Friend September 2020 “Amy and Her Trike” Amy accidentally hits Todd while riding trikes. She says sorry, gives him a hug, and asks if he wants to ride trikes with her.

How to Friendship:

  • Someone New

Friend September 1986 “Strengthen Thy Brethern” A girl scared to attend a new school suddenly feels better when another child friendships her.

Friend June 1986 Put the pictures in order, or have a child tell the story in their own words.

Friends with Someone with Disabilities

Friend November 2019 “Seeing a New Friend” Beth had never met someone blind before, so she was a little unsure what to do with Cara when she and her family came for dinner. Even though Cara couldn’t see the toys, she could feel them and know what they were. Pretty soon Cara and Beth were giggling together, and Beth realized she had a new friend.

Friend April 2017 “Ben’s Buddies” Ben has many disabilities but his Primary class make sure he is included.

Friend March 2019 “Matt and Mandy” Matt’s friend wants to know why Matt is friends with him because he can’t run, ride bikes, or even talk very well. Matt said he likes his friend’s jokes, and they like a lot of the same stuff. Matt’s friend says he liked Matt because he stood up for him.

Find Things in Common

Friend Sept 1987 A strange new animal is left out and lonely until the other animals look for things they have in common with it.

 Friends are Kind and Help Each Other

Friend October 2018 “Kaity and Quincy” Kaity, who has Down syndrome, loves her friend Quincy. Quincy always helps her at church. When Quincy’s brother dies, Katie wants to help her friend. She is able to comfort her sad, crying friend with just the right words and hugs.

Friend August 2018 “A Friend like Mark” Josh is made fun of by some boys at church for his costume and his lack of ability to play basketball. A new boy moves in, and instead of making fun of Josh, he encourages him and helps him with basketball

 Finding Good Friends

Friend March 2018 “Friends by Mail” Harrison’s  friends influenced him to make bad choices. He was feeling unhappy and frustrated. He knew he needed to  change  friends.

Friend April 2016 “Better Friends” A girl’s friends say mean things about her so she finds other friends.

Friends Help Each Other Choose the Right

Friend January 2018 “Forts and Friends” Even though Callie and Marco go to different religions, they both have the same standards.  While watching a movie at school that made Callie feel uncomfortable, Marco suggested they both go read instead.

Friend September 2016 “Pretty Much Brothers” Xander likes having Sevak from Armenia staying with his family. It’s like having an older brother, but Sevak doesn’t know the things Xander knows about Jesus and Heavenly Father, so Xander helps him.

Friend May 2016 Matt’s friend accidently damages his father’s car. Matt encourages his friend to choose the right and be honest.

Friend May 2016
Friend May 2016

Friends Play Together in Kind Ways

Friend April 2019 “A New Block Tower” Mason accidentally knocks down Bo’s block tower. Mason says sorry and offers to help build another one. Bo forgives him, and they both are happy. (Also include an activity about friends building a tower together.)

Friends Can Include Others

Friend January 2016 A girl plays with a different girl other than her normal friends. Eventually her other friends include the new girl too.

Friends Stick up for Each Other

Friend June 2019 “Friendship Feud” When a group of girls won’t let Sadra play with them anymore, one of the friends of the girls decides to be a friend to Sadra even though the other girls threatened not to be her friend anymore if she was friends with Sadra.

Friend October 1983 ” The Good Sport” – Boy learns that friends support and help each other even at the risk of losing a game due to the friend not being good at it.

Friend November 1985 “The Guy in the Glass”- Boy stands up for his friend even though he might get teased and tormented too

Friends Help Each Other

Friend June 2018 “Tortillas and Amigas” Adriana went to visit her elderly friend next door and found her looking sad. Adriana wanted to help her feel better so she suggested they cook or eat tortillas because that always makes her friend feel happy. Before eating, Adriana said a prayer on the food and asked a blessing for her friend too and that made her friend feel happy. (Link includes tortilla recipe. Also a puzzle page is included for figuring out what the Spanish words in the story mean.)

Friend May 2018 “Best Buddies” Anna pushes Will’s wheelchair when they play tag and listens when Will slowly says something because she wants to hear what he has to say. Will laughs at Anna’s jokes. Anna helps Will find blocks to stack and Will doesn’t mind when Anna accidentally knocks over a tower. They are best friends.

Friend December 2017 “The Red Ticket” Matteo’s Friend was always getting into trouble at school. He had to pay with tickets that could be used for prizes. He ran out of tickets one day and Matteo offered to pay with his own ticket so his friend wouldn’t have to miss recess.

Friend September 2017 “Good Friends” Jessie goes over to Kaitlyn’s, who has broken her leg. She helps Kaitlyn and plays with her.

Friend September 2016 “A Butterfly for Courtney” Elena’s friend, Courtney, is sad a lot. Elena gives a gift to her friend to help her feel better.  (See also “Don’t Give Up” for ideas on how to help a friend who is often sad. Friend September 2016)

Friends Encourage Each Other

Friend February 2020 “Keep Going, Josie” Josie had been sick and was tired, but she needed to run in the big race with her teammates. She was worried about letting them down. In her first race, others kept passing her and she felt like giving up.  But as her teammates passed her they encouraged her to keep going. Their words gave her strength and she was able to finish the race. (We can encourage each other spiritually too like Jesus does.)

Friends Protect and Look Out For Each Other

Friend January 2019 “Two Friends, One Coat” Macy forgot to bring her coat to school and she gets cold at recess. Her friend, Monroe, shares her coat with Macy, and they take turns using it.

Friend December 2017 “Warm Hands, Warm Heart” Monroe notices some of her friends don’t have gloves to keep their hands warm at recess, so she brings some gloves to share.

Friend March 2015– Telling friend’s secret about something dangerous. Lesson discussion

Friend March 2015

Friends Support Each Other

Friend August 2020 “Choosing the Channel” Camille’s best friend told her about a funny TV show, but it had some bad words in it so she turned it off. Camille was afraid to tell her friend that she didn’t watch it. They were best friends that did everything together and liked the same things. She was afraid they wouldn’t be friends anymore. But her friend was supportive of her choice and said they could find a show they both liked. 

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