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How to Do Family History

Friend September 2019 “Family History, Step by Step” Mei finds a photo of her great-great grandmother and learns more about her. Then she and her mom put the information she had learned onto Finally, Mei went to the temple as was baptized for her.

Family History Stories Strengthens Descendants

Friend September 2018 “Just Like Grandpa” William’s dad received a calling to preside over the sign language branch. William is sad he will have to leave his friends, but his mom helps him by telling him a story about his great grandfather Turner who sacrificed to obey the Lord.





Friend July 2018 “Detective Danny Does It Again!” Detective Danny solves mysteries, but when he runs out of mysteries his father suggests he solve family history mysteries. Detective Danny was on the case. He looked for clues in family journals, he searched online for old records and pictures, and he found missing family members on the family tree.






Love of Family History

Friend May 2018 “Spirit of Eliza” Eliza is asked to give a talk about family history. Her love of family history helps her with the anxiety she feels about talking, and she is able to share about the importance of family history.






Friend February 2018 “Family History Fun” Experiences of Cole, who loves doing family history.





Friend October 2017 “Ashlyn’s Family Tree” Ashlyn is excited to learn where family members go on her family tree that she got in Primary. She adds her siblings to make her family that she loves complete.




Friend October 2017 “Finding Lydia” Lydia isn’t excited to be graduating from Primary and going to Young Women’s, but she becomes more excited when her mother finds some family names for her to do baptisms for in the temple, and one is named Lydia.





Friend February 2017 “The Treasure Box” Some children are excited to see what is in their father’s treasure box. At family home evening they discover it is filled with personal history items.





Friend November 2016 “The Great Family History Mystery”  A family searches for the gravestone of a great grandfather.






Friend October 2016 ” My Family Tree” A seven year old takes the stake challenge to find five names of ancestors who need temple work.





Friend October 2018 “As soon as I was baptized, my mom helped me log on to FamilySearch, and we discovered that I am related to the first president of the Philippines! During sharing time at school, I shared this discovery. My teacher was amazed how I was able to know that.Sharmaine S., age 8, Cavite, Philippines”

Friend July 2015 “Temple Time” Boy helps his with family history on computer so parents can do the family members work at temple.
Friend July 2015 "Temple Time"
Friend January 1987 Jessica wants a tin type (photo) of her family, especially of her grandfather who is dying.

Friend July 1983

Friend July 1983

Friend August 1983

Friend August 1983

Friend September 2015

Friend September 2015 “Lindsey’s Family Puzzle”


Friend September 2015 "Lindsey's Family Puzzle"

Friend September 2015 “Lindsey’s Family Puzzle”

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