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Friend February 2015 “Juliana Gives a Talk” Juliana is scared to give a talk, but Heavenly Father helps her.

Friend February 2015
Friend February 2015
Friend February 2015
Friend February 2015


Friend November 1985 – “Louis’s Talk” –  A boy prepares his first talk.

Friend November 2019 “The Primary Talk” Dennis was afraid to give a talk in Primary. He prayed, prepared, and practiced but he was still nervous, so he asked his father to give him a blessing. After the blessing he was able to give the talk with only a few stutters, and he knew Heavenly Father helped him.

Primary Teachers

Friend July 2020 “The Secret Ingredient” Sister Franco’s primary teacher when she was young always brought chocolate cake for her class. Sister Franco didn’t like chocolate cake but one day she tried it because her primary teacher said it was made with a special ingredient. Later, Sister Franco found out that her teacher used her bus money to make the cakes, and had to walk 2 miles to church. The secret ingredient was love. 

Graduation from Nursery to Sunbeams

 Primary Graduation

Friend October 2017 “Finding Lydia” Lydia isn’t excited to be graduating from Primary and going to Young Women’s, but she becomes more excited when her mother finds some family names for her to do baptisms for in the temple, and one is named Lydia.

Friend November 2015 “Young Women Strong!” Maya learns about Young Womens and how it adds spiritual strength.

Primary Sacrament Program

Friend November 2015 – Mandy wants to be a good example for the younger children in the Primary program.

November 2015

Friend August 2015 “Clara and the Primary Program” New member, Clara, is asked to read and bear testimony in the Primary program.

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