Blessings & Gratitude: Activities & Games

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Friend November 2018 “Food & Fun” Make paper apples out of strips of paper. On each strip, write something you are thankful for. Afterwards, make mini caramel apples as a treat.





Friend November 2017 “Find It” This family is building a gratitude tree all through November. Every day each person writes something they’re thankful for on a paper leaf and tapes it to the tree. Can you find the one thing that’s written on three different leaves.





Friend November 2017 “Family Night Fun” Take turns fishing. When you catch a fish, read the number on the back. Then think of that number of blessings and tell them to your family.





Friend October 2017 “Bread and Gratitude” For each letter of the alphabet, come up with something you’re thankful for!






Friend October 2015

Friend October 2015 – Link also includes lesson ideas.

Friend November 1984

Friend November 1984

Friend November 2013

Friend November 2013 link includes lesson ideas

Friend November 1987

Friend November 1987

Friend November 1987

Friend November 1987

Gratitude for Teachers


Friend May 2018 “I Love You More” Action Rhyme

Friend May 2018


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