Sabbath Day: Stories

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Helping on the Sabbath

Friend March 2017 “For Older Kids”

This Sunday I made pancakes. When my family came down, they said thank you. We are usually a little late for church, but we weren’t because I made pancakes. That made me feel good inside. Kyler M., age 10, Switzerland

Keeping Sabbath Holy

Friend December 2016 “Happy Sabbath: Sunday Stories” Stories of how some children kept the Sabbath Day holy.

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Friend October 2016 “What I Learned from Alex” Alex sets a good example of keeping the Sabbath Day holy.



Friend July 1985 “Treasure Hunt” A family keeps the Sabbath Day holy while on vacation.
 Friend March 2015 “Saturday Sleep and Sunday Smiles” Getting enough sleep night before sunday

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Friend October 2015 “A Winning Decision” – Girl decides not to play soccer on Sunday





Friend October 2015 "A Winning Decision"

Friend October 2015







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