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Friend November 2016

Friend November 2016

Preparing to be a Missionary

Friend July 2016 “Mini Missionaries” Sam and Lindsey’s mom prepare a mini MTC for them to learn about being missionaries.


Friend February 2016 “Testimony Treasure” Sabrina learns that a testimony is a treasure you want to share with others.


Being a Missionary Now

How to Answer Questions

Friend March 2017 “Matt and Mandy” Matt’s friend asks him why he goes to church so much.





We share the gospel because we love and care about others

Friend November 1988 “The Lantern, the Moon Cake, and the Book” A boy gives his new friend a Book of Mormon as a way to love his neighbor.

Friend September 1988 “Missionary Book Report” A boy gives a book report about the Book of Mormon.

Praying for Help

Friend December 2016 “Blessings for Blessy” Blessy, from India, doesn’t have much luck getting friends to go to church with her, so she prays for help, and an opportunity comes to invite her whole school to church to learn more about Christmas.

Friend November 2016  “Abish and Abby” Abby, like Abish, knows when it is time to share the gospel with her neighbors.






Friend September 2016 “A Gift for Lane” Addie gives a Book of Mormon to her friend, Lane, but Lane’s parents won’t let her read it. Addie is sad. (Finish the end yourself story.)image




Friend May 2016  “A Tower for King Benjamin”  Brady tells his friend, Jamie, about Book of Mormon heroes as they play.







Friend September 2016 “Show and Tell” Individual stories of children being missionaries such as sharing their Friend magazine at school or going with the missionaries to teach.

Friend May 2016 “Better then Hopscotch” Emma tells her friends about the church. Years later, Emma’s friend remembers and wants to know more about the church.







Friend March 2016 “One Piece of Candy” Jose gives away his coffee flavored candy, and when a friend wants to know why, he shares the gospel.
Friend March 2016

Friend March 2016


Friend October 1987 “Peace, My Brother” A family writes their testimonies in Book of Mormons, and they receive letters back about the results.










Friend July 2016 Primary children from the Kirtland Ward, Kirtland Ohio Stake, USA, marched in the City of Kirtland Strawberry Festival. They showed photos from ward members’ ancestors on their “family tree.” They also handed out almost 900 pass-along cards.

Friend October 1988 “Eye to Eye” Andy learns in Primary that every member should be a missionary, but he doesn’t know how, so he asks his friend Mr. Weber, who is bedridden, and he learns that he has been a missionary by his kind acts of visiting Mr. Weber.





Friend September 2016 “BEE-ing a Missionary” Jesse does a school project on the beehive state, Utah.

Friend July 2016 “Want to Come to Church” Emma invites her cousin’s boyfriend to church. Because of that one simple question he is baptized and the couple are able to marry in the temple.

Friend March 1983 – “The Seaweed Boy” – Boy inspired to share gospel with a boy who is sometimes mean.

Friend Feb 1983– “A Good Neighbor” – Boy does service for new neighbors and invites them to church

Friend December 1983 – “The Offering” – Boy shares bible and passage about life after death with a sad man who lost a son in a war.

Friend May 1984 – “Grandpa’s Trunk” – Boy Shares gospel with his grandfather by inviting him to hear his Primary talk.

Friend February 1987 “Forever Family” A family uses their sealing in the temple as an opportunity to share the gospel with other family members.

Friend February 1985 “Best Friends”- Boy invites neighbor  friend to Primary sacrament program
Friend February 1985 "Best Friends"

Friend February 1985

Friend February 1985 "Best Friends"

Friend February 1985

Friend February 1985 "Best Friends"

Friend February 1985


Friend October 2015 “My Golden Ribbon Dance”- Girl shares her testimony in a dance using church pictures and music.
















Friend October 1984 “A Very Good Day” -A wife who lost a husband mourns and searches for a church that teaches about life after death.

Friend October 2015 – “Matt & Mandy” – Matt tries to figure out how to be a missionary to his friend.

Friend August 1986 “Bi Hsia’s Goose” A Taiwanese girl doesn’t think a missionary from the affluent US could  ever accept her people and their customs, but his considerate service changes her mind.

Friend August 1986  “Last Day Kids” Ryan tries to share the gospel with his friend, but the friend teases him and other kids hear. One of those wants to go to church with Ryan.

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 Prepared to Be a Missionary Now

Friend February 2016 A man carries a Book of Mormon daily and prays to meet someone prepared to accept gospel.







Going on a Mission


Friend April 2015 “The Titanic and the Telegram” Six missionaries that are booked on the Titanic have to take a different ship home when one missionary is delayed.





People Searching for the Gospel

Friend October 1988 “Conversion in Honduras” A child tells Senora Chali about the Book of Mormon and she wants to read it. Eventually missionaries give her a copy, and she reads it and knows it is true but has to wait for missionaries to come again.





Open to Possibility

Friend October 1988 “Pulling in the Gospel Net” A mother superior nun joins the church.

Family Members on Missions

Friend June 1988 “A Special Way to Serve” Philippe and Chantal’s grandparents are going on a mission, and they are setting a good example for their grandchildren.

Friend May 2016 “Mission Building Blocks” Caden’s grandma gives him 730 blocks and a building pad. She tells him to put one block on for every day his uncle is on his mission.


Friend December 1985 “Greg’s Christmas” Greg misses his grandparents at Christmas, but he gets a letter from a family they helped convert and it helps him understand the wonderful work they are doing.


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