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Missionary Work Brings Happiness

Being a Missionary Now

Friend May 2019 “Conference Activity Page” Elder Uchtdorf taught five things we can do to help people learn about Jesus. Follow the lines to complete each sentence.

Friend July 2019 “Sharing the Gospel” President Oaks shared some ways we can help share the gospel. Match each picture with the number from President Oaks’s message.

Answering Questions About Church

Friend April 2017 “Question Corner” If a neighbor asked you why you got to church, what would you say?

Friend January 2018 “What’s on Your Mind?” Answering the question “Why does it matter if you keep the commandments?” Aswers could include the following: How would it feel flying with a pilot who didn’t follow the rules of aviation? What about riding on a bus with a driver who didn’t stop at red lights? The commandments help keep us safe.

We Share With Friends

Culture & Traditions (including gospel)

imageimageFriend February 1986imageimageimageimageimageimage

 Ways to Share the Gospel

Friend June 2020 “Finish the Pattern” Four ways we can invite others to learn about the gospel.

Friend July 2019 “What’s on Your Mind?  A child writes this question to the Friend: “I want to be a missionary now! How can I share the gospel with my friends?” The Friend responds with some drawings from another child of ways to share the gospel. They also share the following: When you try to follow Jesus and share His love with others, people will notice your good example.

Friend July 2017 “Hi Friends”

I took my CTR ring and the Friend for show and tell at my preschool. I liked being a missionary!

Lindsay, age 4, North Carolina, USA

Prepared to Be a Missionary Now

Come Follow Me Primary 2020: Introductory Pages Ask the children to pretend you have never heard of the Book of Mormon before. Invite them to work with a partner to think of ways they could explain to you what it is and where it came from, using details from the introduction. Then let each pair take turns teaching you.

Friend February 2016

Friend February 2016

Missionary Traits

Preparing for a Mission

Friend August 1986  Missionary topics to practice teaching.

Friend November 1984

Friend November 1984

Friend October 2015

Friend October 2015 Story about growing up and going on a mission like his brother. Could be used  as object lesson about growing spiritually strong so we are prepared to go on a mission. Feed our spirits with scripture stories, pull out weeds of temptation, etc.

Friend October 2015

Friend October 2015

Friend October 2015

Friend October 2015

Friend October 2015

Friend October 2015

Going on a Mission

Friend October 1988 “For Little Friends: What Missionaries Do”

Friend July 2016 “How Are Missionaries Called”

Supporting Missionaries

Friend May 2017 “Family Night” Writing missionaries and sending cookie care package.

Family Members on a Mission

Friend May 2017 “Family Night” Waiting for someone to come home.

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