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Words We Say

Friend October 2019 “Words Matter” The words we say make a big difference. Trace your finger along the lines to see how the words you say can make others feel. Also, make some kind notes to give to others.





Kind Words

Friend January 2019  Create a garden of kindness.

  1. Cut out a paper garden plant or creature. It can be a flower, veggie, bug, or even a worm!

  2. Write about a kind deed you did—or one someone did for you.

  3. Post it on a poster board or wall. Continue until you’ve created a beautiful garden of kindness.

Friend February  2019

Friend February  2019







Friend June 2019 “Friends by Mail” Activity day girls in Florida, USA, created a tropical kindness garden! It hangs in the Primary room for other children to add their kind deeds. (includes photo)

Friend August 2019 “Friends by Mail” We loved the idea of a kindness garden, so we decided to make our own. We put it up on a wall in our house, and every week we add a kind deed we did. We plan to do different things each month for our kindness garden. We want to be like Jesus and be kind. (includes photo)

Friend July 2019 “Matt and Mandy” Matt and Mandy have both been helping people, so they decide to make something for the kindness garden.






Friend November 2019 “Kindness Flowers” A kindness game like the game “hangman” you can play with a friend or family member. Think of a kind word that describes the other person.Have the other person guess which letters are in the mystery word. If they guess correctly, write that letter in the blank. If they guess a letter that’s not in the word, draw a petal on the flower and write that letter in it.’






Friend January 2018 “Colors of Kindness” Crossword puzzle of ways Jesus showed kindness to others.





Friend March 2017 “Love Your Neighbor” Board game about showing kindness to people in various situations.





Friendshipping Others

Friend January 2019 “Find It” On this snowy Saturday, Austin and Alicia are trying to be more like Jesus. Can you help them find two kids who look lonely? Can you also find the hidden objects?

Friend September 2017 “Find It” Everyone should have someone to play with at recess! Samantha and Jia want to help. Can you help them find these kids who might need a friend?

Friend February 2015 “Bulletin Board” Game idea for lesson where everyone seeks someone and hides with them – represents seeking someone lonely and staying with them.

Friend September 2015- Girl is included in group that wear crazy socks. S.O.C.K.S stands for sisters of caring, kindness and service.

Friend September 2015– Activity idea- Make crazy socks. Story- S.O.C.K.S stands for sisters of caring, kindness and service.


Friend August 1983

Friend August 1983 – Be kind to others

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