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Why Adversity?

Develop Empathy

Friend December 2019 “Martin’s Favorite Toys” Martin was not happy about having to move, but eventually he got used to his new home. One Sunday, he noticed a lot of new people at church. He found out that they were refugees. He wanted to help them, but he didn’t want to give them any of his toys because he brought them from his old house. Then he realized that many of the children had to leave everything behind. He remembered how hard it was for him to move, but at least he got to bring his things with him. He then wanted to give them his favorite toys to help them be happier.

Friend June 2020 “Eli’s Helping Hand” Eli was sad when he missed a ball and his soccer team lost the game. At church he noticed that his friend Kate was feeling sad too because her body hurt from sitting in a wheelchair. He knew what feeling sad felt like and he wanted to help her. He rocked her wheelchair to help her feel better. Afterwards, he realized that helping Kate made him feel better too.

Ways to Feel Better

Spend Time with Family and Friends

Friend June 2017 “Running with Dad” TJ is sad and lonely after moving, but he feels better after he and his dad  set a goal and start preparing to run a marathon.

 Remember Heavenly Father Loves You

Friend August 2017 “Ralphie’s Amazing Find” A boy is upset that his best friend is moving. He takes his dog for a walk, and his dog discovers a beautiful waterfall. The boy feels God’s love for him.

Heavenly Father Will Help You

Friend June 2020 ” The Only  Bald Deacon” Carlos was losing his hair due to cancer, so he shaved the patchy hair off. He was anxious about people staring at him when he passed the sacrament. He and his family said a prayer together before going in to church, and he felt peaceful and ready. When he got into the chapel he found all the other deacons with shaved their heads too.

Friend August 2019 “A Stripling Warrior Family” After Benjamin’s father died in an accident, Benjamin’s family decide to be brave like the Stripling Warriors. Being brave doesn’t mean never being sad or afraid. It means having faith that Heavenly Father will help us get through tough times. When hard things come our way, we can choose to trust in Him. (Also includes an activity. Find the letters in the picture and fill in the blanks for a secret message (I Can Be Brave).

Friend April 2018 “Trouble in Adventure Forest” When Owen’s feet get burned he learns that Heavenly Father doesn’t always stop bad things from happening, but He helps us get through them.

Friend September 2019 “The Diabetes Dilemma” Joe prayed that his sister didn’t have diabetes. When they found out she did have diabetes, he was devastated. He didn’t understand why Heavenly Father didn’t answer his prayer. His mom explained that answers to prayers don’t always happen the way we want. Sometimes, instead of taking something hard away, He answers by giving us peace and helping us be strong. Joe then realizes that Heavenly Father was blessing his sister and family with peace.

Friend September 2020 “For Older Kids” “Once I had a good friend. We had been friends for years. But she just stopped being my friend when a new girl moved in. It made me sad, so I said a prayer. I thought of the words from a song: “Courage, for the Lord is on our side” (Hymns, no. 243). I’m happy that Heavenly Father is with me and can help me through this trial.” Scarlett W.

Have Faith in God and His Plan for You

Friend May 2020 “Show and Tell”

“Elder Stevenson told about a woman who had cancer. Someone asked how she could still have faith. She said having faith is what gets her through all the hard things. My little brother had cancer too. We were really scared, but we still had faith, and he did get better. I know that faith can help us through hard things.”

Alayna A., age 8, Quebec, Canada

Get a

Friend June 2019 “A New Chapter” Sarah’s dad died in an accident and she and her mom had to move to a new place. Sarah is sad a lot and she is also worried about not knowing anyone in church or school. She would like a blessing, but her dad isn’t there to give her one. Her mom suggests her uncle give the blessing. After the blessing, Sarah quickly makes friends at church and school.

Look for the Good/ Count Your Blessings

Friend November 2019 “Matt and Mandy”  Matt broke his arm and had to have surgery. He keeps his sense of humor through the whole ordeal. At Thanksgiving he shares all the things he is grateful for in regards to what happened to his arm; he’s grateful for doctors, priesthood blessings, learning to do hard things, that his injury wasn’t worse, etc.

Friend November 2017 Sometimes the moon lines up just right with the sun and almost completely blocks its light, even though the moon is much smaller. This is called a total solar eclipse. Just like the eclipse, when we focus on our daily problems (like the small moon) instead of our eternal gospel blessings (like the large sun), it makes it harder for us to see and feel the light of Jesus Christ in our lives.

Friend August 2016 “My Miracle” A boy is diagnosed with diabetes. He is grateful for the diagnosis because he can now get treatment and feel better.

Friend March 1988 “Mike to the Rescue” Mike can’t do all the things his older siblings can do, but he finds lots of benefits to being little.


Notice the Service and Caring of Others

Friend June 2019 “Waiting for Ian” Ian was in an accident and was in the hospital and then in recovery for several months. The Primary kids asked if they could postpone the Primary Program until Ian was better because they knew that Ian loved participating in it.

Serve Others

Friend December 2018 “The Secret Santa”  After Tasha’s grandma and father died, Christmas was difficult and sad. But then a Secret Santa started dropping off gifts. She wanted to thank them and pass on the kindness, so she started doing kind things for others. She learned that helping others made her feel happy.

Seek the Comfort of the  Holy Ghost

Friend April 2019 “ A Comforting Song “ Mia is feeling sad, so she sings a Primary song, and she feels the comforting influence of the Holy Ghost.

Healthy Ways to Deal with Adversity

New Era February 2020 “Couch Potato” Cartoon shows two ways to deal with failure. One is not healthy and does not allow you to learn and grow.

Listen to Good, Uplifting Music

Friend March 2020 “Music for a Better Day” Elizabeth had a terrible day at school. Her dad suggested that good music might help her feel better, and to think about what she was playing while she practiced her piano. The song she was playing was about giving thanks to God. She began to feel more peaceful as she thought about all her blessings. Good music did help her feel better.

Read the Scriptures

Friend March 2020 “Eddy and the Book of Mormon” Some kids laugh at Eddy when he reads at school because he has a hard time with some words.  It made him nervous and not want to read out loud. But as his family read the Book of Mormon each day (first they figured out a way to remember to read each day), Eddy learns about Nephi and how his brothers made fun of him for building a boat. That didn’t stop Nephi. He trusted God, and God helped him do hard things. Next time some kids laughed at him while Eddy read in class, he thought of Nephi, and that helped him not to worry about what the kids would say.


Friend January 2017 Will Heavenly Father Answer My Prayers” When Elder Oaks was seven his father died. Dallin’s mother had faith and trusted in the Lord’s will.


Friend July 1988 “Turnabout Day” Jason is frustrated when everything seems to go wrong, but he learns that if he changes his attitude and tries to be happy, make things right, and help others, his day will be better.

 Worry, Anxiety, & Stress

Friend February 2020 “Anxious but All Right” Lincoln was glad to get into the car after school. His day had been filled with anxious feelings. His mother helped him figure out some things he could do to feel better now and in the future if it happened again.

Friend May 2017 “Ella’s Worries” Ella is anxious and worries about many things. She prays for help and then talks to her dad. She learns her mom has anxiety too and gets help for it. (Ideas for helping anxiety)


Friend January 2018 “Forgiving Demi” Mae is made fun of by a girl because of how tall she is.  In tears, Mae says a prayer and she feels Heavenly Father’s love. She is also remembers that the bully is a child of God too.

Friend August 2017 “Enough is Enough” A girl learns that trying to be mean and hurt the bully back doesn’t help. It just makes her feel worse.

Friend July 2017 “Standing Up with Kindness” A boy who moves to England is bullied because of his accent. He helps the kids learn more about the difficulties of being an immigrant by presenting a slideshow. (Link includes real life pictures of the boy.)

Friend April 2015 “Flowers and Friends” A girl in Jenny’s class keeps demanding Jenny’s flowers that other classmates can only take if Jenny is talking. Jenny prays about it and tries to be a friend to the girl.

Friend April 2015

Friend April 2015

Friend June 1984 “The Trial of Billy Fisher” – A bully threatens a boy to try and get him to share answers to a test.

Friend September 2016 “Which Path to Choose” Abbey is harassed and made fun of by Hannah, but Abbey doesn’t say mean things back because  she was taught to treat others like you want to be treated.
Friend March 1988 “Grandma Fenton Says” A bully gives Olivia and Jeremy a hard time. Olivia finds a way to point out the good.

Friend October 2016 “Turning Down the Dare” Tyler struggles with the persecutions of a bully.Tyler helps some kids at recess when the bully persecutes them. The bully wants to fight him but Tyler makes the good choice not to.


Religious Beliefs Persecution

Friend January 2018 “An Answer For Lucia”  Lucia is made fun of in school for her different beliefs. Her teacher even mocked her for her different beliefs about the Godhead. She asked the missionaries about it. The missionaries use scriptures to show that the Godhead are individuals but one in purpose, and the Holy Ghost confirmed that what the missionaries were saying was true.


Friend October 2019 “The Phone Call” Mackenzie is lonely after her best friend moves. She prays for help, and Heavenly Father blesses her with a new best friend.

Friend December 2017 “Signs of Friendship” Conner has autism and has a hard time finding friends. His mother suggests he pray about it. A boy that is deaf moves into the neighborhood. Conner realizes the boy must be lonely too, so Conner learns some sign language and goes and introduces himself.


Friend August 2019 “The Hard Move” Liesl was sad when she found out she was moving because it was her first move and she would miss her friends. Her friends encouraged her, and she tried to believe that she could do it and that God had a plan for her. When she got to her new home she quickly made friends and loved the new house, school, and city. She was grateful Heavenly Father had a plan for her.

Friend March 2019 “Who Will Come to My Party” Enzo is excited to plan his future party and inviting his friends until he remembers that he will live in a new place when it happens. He worries about making new friends, so he prays for help to find friends. During his prayer he remembers that he already has a great friend there because his uncle lives there. Heavenly Father answered his prayer.

Friend March 2016 “Trading Mountains for Trees” A family moves from Utah to Georgia and prays for comfort and help.


Health Issues

Friend October 2018 “The Talent Team”

When I was one, I was diagnosed with idiopathic rheumatoid arthritis, which makes my joints hurt. I’ve gotten many blessings, and they all helped me. There has been a lot of pain, but I’ve stayed strong. I’ve done gymnastics, dance, rock climbing, and yoga. I know this trial has brought me closer to God as I trust Him and pray to Him.

Ivy L., age 10, Washington, USA  (photos included)

Friend October 2018 “Nick’s New Look” It hurts Nick’s feelings when classmates make fun of his bald spots. Nick suffers from the condition alopecia which makes his hair fall out. He and his parents pray and fast about what to do. He decides to shave his hair off.  He also remembers that his friends, family, and Heavenly Father love him no matter what he looks like.

Friend November 2016 “Never Give Up” True story about a boy who fell from a horse and had brain damage. He had to relearn to do everything, but he never gave up. (Pictures included)

Friend August 2015

Friend August 2015 Boy with diabetes helps others.

Friend March 2017 “Painting Love” Lucy has a condition where her muscles don’t work well together, so she has a hard time talking and swallowing. She painted a picture about what would make the world a better place.

Friend October 2015 “Dreams and Dolphins” Girl with one leg that doesn’t grow as fast as the other. She has to endure many surgeries, but she never gives up.

Friend March 2016 “Holding onto Hope” A girl with leukemia looks for the good in life.

Friend January 1987 “Impossible Baptism” Brady has faith to be baptized even though it could be life threatening due to his condition.


Friend October 2019 “I Don’t Want to Be Different” Mika loved going to dance class. When the dancers all moved together she felt like she wasn’t the only one with Down Syndrome. But one day, when she asked for help with a new dance step, some girls said she talked funny. Mika wished she wasn’t different than other people. Her mother suggested that she pray and ask Heavenly Father how he feels about her. She got a loud answer that He loves her just the way she is, so she stopped worrying about what the other girls thought and started focusing on helping others who looked sad.

Family Issues

Friend September 2016 “A special Big Brother” Daniel is upset that he doesn’t get to go to the park like the other boys due to his sister’s health issues.

Body Issues

Friend August 2016 “Crickets Big Moment” Cricket is upset that she has to perform cheerleading with a younger group because she is small, but she perseveres and is acknowledged for her sacrifice and help.


School and Learning Issues

Friend March 2018 “The Write Choice” Justina had a hard time with reading and writing in school, but her teacher told her, “You can’t always choose what you’re good at. But you can always choose how hard you try.” Justina started putting more effort into trying, and reading and writing became easier and easier. Eventually she became good enough to become a writer.


Friend September 2018 “A Voice of Peace” (Part One) Grace Vlam was a nine-year-old girl living in Holland in 1940, during World War II. Nazi Germany had just begun attacking Holland. When Holland was taken over by the Nazis, Grace’s Father was taken prisoner. Grace was comforted by the Holy Ghost .

Friend October 2018 “An Answered Prayer” (Part Two) One day a Nazi came to the door. He took their radio and told them that they would have to leave because the Nazis were going to take over their house. Grace’s mother prayed for help and the Nazi’s never came back to take their house.

Friend November 2018 “Hope in Holland” (Part Three) People in Holland were starving and cold because the Nazis took everything, but the war eventually ended and Grace’s father came home from the prison camp. Church leaders sent supplies to help the people, but the Germany people were now starving. The Holland saints forgave and shared some of their supplies with them.

Natural Disasters


Friend May 2020 “For Older Kids” Staying home during the COVID-19 pandemic helped Penny get creative and gain a testimony.

Friend April 2019 “Matt and Mandy” A big storm makes the power go out and is very scary. They pray for protection. A tree falls on their garage but nobody is hurt.

Friend April 2020 “Building Again” After experiencing a terrifying fire  where Sam’s house burnt down along with most of the town, Sam didn’t know if anything would be okay again. One day at learning center, Sam built a temple out of blocks of wood. His mother said it could be the first decoration in their new house because, “The temple is a place of peace. It can remind us that no matter what happens, we’ll be OK.”

Trials of Faith

Friend August 2015

Friend August 2015 -A lack of friends turns into a test of choosing the right

Friend August 2015

Friend August 2015

Friend July 1988 “Turnabout Day” Jason is frustrated when everything seems to go wrong, he learns that if changes his attitude and tries to be happy and make things right, his day will be better.

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