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Why Obey Rules and Laws

Friend May 2020 “Helmets, Rules, and Rocky Roads” Diego hated wearing a helmet while riding his bike, but it was a family rule. His mother explained that rules are meant to keep you safe. He understood that better when he tumbled off his bike and found a big dent in his helmet.

Friend October 2018 “Watch Out for the Thorn Patch”  Daniel and Tyler are told to not go near the thorn patch, but when their ball goes into the thorns, Tyler thinks he can reach it. When he reaches in for the ball he falls in and gets painfully stuck. “Heavenly Father loves us. He gives us guidelines and standards to keep us safe. When we choose to listen, we can avoid ending up in a prickly situation!”

Friend September 2017 “Don’t Play With Fire” When Jean was a little girl her job was to burn the garbage, but one day it was too windy to light with a match so she tried a different method and ended up burning off her eyebrows and eyelashes. She relates this to being obedient.

Friend August 2017 “The Rocket Fiasco” Andrew’s friends convince him to try out his birthday rocket that he’s supposed to wait and do with his dad’s supervision. The rocket lands in the neighbors car and starts a fire.

Friend May 2017 “Safe Ground” A child wants to touch the water at Yellowstone Park but learns that being obedient keeps us safe.

Friend February 2017 “Obedience Helps Us Be Happy” Elder Clayton learns obedience as a child and then he learns that obedience to God’s commandments helps us be happy.

Obeying Parents

Friend February 2017 “Double Happy” Lily helps her little brother, Sam, feel comfortable in Primary, but her parents want her to let Sam’s teacher do that now so Lily can go to her class. Lily obeys even though she’s worried about Sam, and they both have a great time in Primary.

Friend August 2018 “Racing Rules” Lelah wants to race her trike down the sidewalk, but the family rule is to stay in the driveway. She obeys and has a happy feeling.

Friend August 2018 “Puddles and Blessings” Marcel doesn’t want to go on a hike in the rain with his mom and the Young Women. His mom  tells him something good might happen because there are blessings from obeying parents. At the hike he finds that his friend Noah is there and they have a blast playing in puddles together.

Friend December 2016 “The Hill”  Darla’s friends decide to go sledding down a steep hill that her mom had told her not to go on. Darla is obedient and goes home instead and has a good feeling.


Friend August 2016 “Micah Obeys” Micah learns that he can help his family be happy when he obeys.


Friend August 2015 “Fire” As a young boy, President Monson starts a fire with forbidden matches and he learns an important lesson about obedience.

Friend December 2014 “Yancy” Elder Nielson’s horse, Yancy, wouldn’t listen to the trainer and eventually got injured due to her disobedience.

 Obeying our Leaders

Friend April 2015 “The Book of Mormon Challenge”   Blake had just finished reading the Book of Mormon when the stake president challenged everyone to read it again because of the many benefits it brings into the people’s lives.

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