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Friend September 2019 “For Older Kids” Unscramble the words to find out what is written on each temple. (Holiness to the Lord)

Friend March 2020 “For Older Kids: A Look Inside the Temple” You can stand in for your ancestors as they receive the Holy Ghost! (Also, can you crack the code to find out which temple is in the picture? (See answers below.)

Come, Follow Me—For Primary: Book of Mormon 2020 Cut out the windows with the ordinances that are done inside the temple, and match them with the pictures in the windows of the temple.

Friend January 2019 “For Older Kids”  Use Doctrine and Covenants 88:119 to fill in the blanks. The temple is a house of …

Blessings of Temples

Friend September 2019 “Funstuff: Temples in Our Day” Many blessings are available to us because of temples. Solve the message below to discover just one of those blessings.

Temple Dedication

Friend October 2017 “Snacks and Crafts” Make a needle point or puff paint temple on a white handkerchief for a temple dedication.

Preparing to Go to the Temple

Friend October 2017 “Snacks and Crafts” Make a sugar cube temple. Place a sugar cube every time you do something to prepare to go to the temple.

Friend July 2017 “Snacks and Crafts”   Draw a temple outline on a mirror so you will think about how you are preparing to go to the temple every time you look in the mirror.

Interior of Temples

Friend June 2020 “For Older Kids” Some temples have beautiful staircases. They can help us remember that we are here to grow and become closer to Heavenly Father, one step at a time. Circle every third letter to find out where this temple is located. The first two are marked for you.

Friend May 2020 “For Older Kids” This room in the temple is called an endowment room. (Read to learn more.) Use this word search to find where this temple is.

Friend April 2020 “For Older Kids” All temples have beautiful art inside, especially of our Savior. It helps us to focus on Jesus when we’re in the temple. Can you guess which temple this stained-glass window is from?

Temple History

Friend September 2019 “Funstuff: Temples in Our Day” Pioneers worked very hard to build temples. In fact, the Salt Lake Temple took 40 years of hard work and sacrifice to finish. Try drawing this holy temple using the letter A!

Friend May 2019 “For Older Kids” Question: Which of these temples doesn’t have an angel Moroni?

Temples Around the World

Rome, Italy Temple

Friend November 2019 “Stories of Jesus” The stained-glass window in the visitors’ center of the Rome Italy Temple is full of stories about what Jesus taught and what He did. Can you find them in this coloring page?

Being Built or Remodeled

Friend July 2019 “For Older Kids”The Arequipa Peru Temple is under construction. Connect the dots to finish the temple!

Friend June 2019 “Temple Map Match” Fill in the numbers for these recently announced temples on the map! Also, match the first part to the rest of its name of some other temples that have been announced.

Friend May 2019 “Conference News” Announcements were made about pioneer temples being remodeled and about seven new temples being built in countries around the world. Match the colored boxes to fill in the missing vowels to find out the names of the countries where the seven new temples will be built.

Friend November 2018 “Conference News” In the October 2018 General Conference, President Nelson announced 12 new temples! Use the clues to fill in the names of the countries or states where they will be built.

Friend August 2018 “Temples Around the World” Use the clues to match the temple with its picture.

New Temples

Friend November 2019 “Conference News” Eight new temples announced in October 2019 Conference. Match the cities with the countries (and states) where they will be.

Temple Cards

Baptism for the Dead

Friend October 2019 “The Temple Challenge” Temple Scramble: This girl has taken a family name to the temple. Can you put the pictures in order?

Friend September 2019 “For Older Kids” Brain Teaser:  Twelve brothers stand tall, With a bowl upon their backs, In a holy place. What is it?

Friend June 1993

Friend June 1993

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Friend July 2015 also stained glass craft

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Friend 1979

Activity Sheets

Friend November 2019 “For Older Kids” Decode the message. (I Love to See the Temple)

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