4th Article of Faith

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Memorization Tips

  • Article of Faith 4 is about the first four principles and ordinances of the gospel. (Friend March 2015)
  • Help the children memorize the fourth article of faith. Write it in phrases on separate slips of paper; give each class a phrase to memorize, with younger classes getting the simpler phrases. Have each teacher help her or his class learn its phrase. Ask a member of each class to come to the front and present its phrase. While the entire Primary says the fourth article of faith, have the class representatives quickly but reverently put themselves in the correct order. Then have them repeat their phrases in order for the rest of the children. Repeat this process until all the children who wish to have participated and the article is memorized. Review the article by singing “The Fourth Article of Faith” (p. 124), with each class standing when its phrase is sung.  (Friend October 2002 Sharing Time)

Scripture Story Ideas

  • To help the children understand that the first principles and ordinances of the gospel are the same today as they were in ancient days, review the story of Adam and Eve found on the back of GAK 101. Have the children recite the fourth article of faith, holding up one finger for each principle and ordinance mentioned: faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, repentance, baptism by immersion, and the gift of the Holy Ghost. Have them locate Moses 6:52 and hold up their fingers, one at a time, as they hear you read these same four principles and ordinances in that scripture.Divide the Primary into four groups, and assign each group one of these scriptures: Moses 5:4–6 (faith), Moses 6:53 (repentance), Moses 6:64 (baptism), Moses 6:65–66 (Holy Ghost). Have each group locate its scripture and decide which principle or ordinance Adam followed. (Friend October 2002 Sharing Time)

Activity Ideas

  • Post pictures of principles and ordinances on board and have children tell which is a principle and which is an ordinance. (But first explain what the difference between a principle of the gospel and an ordinance is. – A principle is a basic doctrine or law. An ordinance is a sacred ceremony with spiritual meaning that is performed by someone with priesthood authority.) Pictures might include the following: prayer, confirmation, sacrament, baptism, temple marriage, service, tithing, repentance, etc.
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