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Friend October 2018 “Funstuff”  “Conference Hearts: Each time you feel loved or hear the word “love,” color a heart.” “Conference Words: Write down a word to help you remember what a talk was about. For example, if someone speaks about faith, write “faith” in a bubble.”





Friend May 2018 “Our Prophets and Apostles Today” Match the picture with the names and facts about each leader, or tape the top of the picture to the facts about the leader and flip it up and learn more about them during conference.







Friend March 2018 “Pitch Your Tent” Cutout to build a tent like King Benjamin’s people. Children put strips of paper in the tent of things learned during conference.





Friend October 2017 “Conference Quest” Fill in the empty spaces along the path with words from the list, or think of your own. When a speaker says the next word on your path, move a coin or bead forward.





Friend April 2017 Draw lines from the picture of the speaker to what they are speaking about. If a topic isn’t already on the page, write it in!







Friend March 2017 Put a penny or bean on a square each time you hear that word in a talk. Whenever you reach five times on a word, you could switch out the pile with a five-cent coin or different-colored bean.







Friend November 2016 “Show & Tell”  Make cereal necklaces while watching conference (could put one on every time hear a certain word-like prayer). Set up a small tent in living room to watch conference in like King Benjamin’s people did.

Friend April 2015

Friend April 2015

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