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Friend October 2017 “Conference Quest” Fill in the empty spaces along the path with words from the list, or think of your own. When a speaker says the next word on your path, move a coin or bead forward.





Friend April 2017 Draw lines from the picture of the speaker to what they are speaking about. If a topic isn’t already on the page, write it in!







Friend March 2017 Put a penny or bean on a square each time you hear that word in a talk. Whenever you reach five times on a word, you could switch out the pile with a five-cent coin or different-colored bean.







Friend November 2016 “Show & Tell”  Make cereal necklaces while watching conference (could put one on every time hear a certain word-like prayer). Set up a small tent in living room to watch conference in like King Benjamin’s people did.

Friend April 2015

Friend April 2015

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