Jesus Christ: Death & Resurrection (Easter)

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Lesson Ideas

Friend March 2018 “For Parents of Little Ones” Help children understand that Easter is a time to remember the things Jesus has done for us.


Friend April 2019 “The Story of Easter” 

Friend March 2018 “Jackson Loves Easter” Jackson loves Easter because it reminds him of Jesus and all the things Jesus has done for us.

Friend March 2016 Ideas on how to help children focus on the real meaning of Easter.









Friend March 2018 “Seven Days Until Easter” Starting the Sunday before Easter, read the scripture for each day and color the matching numbered area. (Print and tape the two pictures together.)





Friend April 2017 “A Special Easter Treat” Kate makes Easter rolls with her mom. Each part of the process remind us of the Savior’s atonement or resurrection. Link includes recipe.

Friend April 1988

Friend April 1988

Friend April 1988

Friend April 1988

Friend March 1986 “Testimony of Easter” This Easter program has great ideas for a sharing time or lesson.


Activities & Games

Friend March 2015



  Easter Activities (Also Easter stories, pictures, and videos.)

Coloring Pages


Friend April 2019 Easter is about Jesus





Friend June 2019 “I Know That My Redeemer Lives: I Can Play It”  Sing-Along Video

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