Book of Mormon Lessons 1 – 11

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Lesson 1: Introduction to the Book of Mormon

Lesson 2: Lehi and His Family Leave Jerusalem

Lesson 3: The Brass Plates

Lesson 4: Tree of Life Vision

Lesson 5: The Liahona

Lesson 6: Nephi Builds a Ship

Lesson 7: Crossing the Sea

Lesson 8: Jacob’s Encounter with Sherem

Lesson 9: Enos Prays

Lesson 10: King Benjamin

Lesson 11: Abinadi and King Noah

2 thoughts on “Book of Mormon Lessons 1 – 11

  1. I love your ideas…I’ve used them as a Primary Music leader, for Family Home Evening and now that I teach seminary, I use them for seminary!!! Your object lessons and attention-getters are really neat! thanks.
    Sandy Williams

  2. I just discovered these lessons! They are fantastic resources as our family studies the Book of Mormon for FHE this year. Thank you so much!

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