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Choosing the Right Helps Us Feel Holy Ghost

Friend April 2017 “Game Changer” Caleb feels like it is hard to have to make different choices than his friends, but the Holy Ghost comforts him and and helps him.

Friend March 2017 “A Great Feeling” Paulo didn’t want the feeling he had when he was baptized to go away, but the next day he yelled at his brother. Through repentance and the sacrament he was able to get the feeling of the Holy Ghost back.

Hearing the Still, Small Voice

Friend August 2016 “The Little Bottle of Silence” Gage’s grandfather gives him a empty bottle of “silence” at his baptism to remind Gage that quietness helps you hear the Holy Ghost. He feels the Holy Ghost comforting him during a sad time when he seeks quiet time.

Friend June 2015 stories of when Elder Curtis felt Holy Ghost as a child

Friend June 2015

Friend September 2015 “Sister Pettigrew’s Lesson”  Child learns to listen to the still, small voice

Friend September 2015

Friend April 2019 “ A Comforting Song “ Mia is feeling sad, so she sings a Primary song, and she feels the comforting influence of the Holy Ghost.

Friend August 2016 “Show and Tell” After arguing, two sisters can’t feel the Holy Ghost, so they sing Primary songs so they can feel that peace again.

Act on the Promptings

Friend March 2020 “Check the Kittens” After everyone has gone to bed, a girl kept having the thought to go and check on their kittens. She acted on the prompting and found that a warming light had fallen over onto the kittens cardboard box and would have caught on fire. The Holy Ghost helped keep their family and kittens safe.

Friend October 2017 “Guided by the Holy Ghost” Elder Robert D. Hales learned to follow the Holy Ghost to help others.

Friend November 2018 “Friends by Mail”

I read the “Let Your Light Shine” article (Jan. 2018) and had a chance to let my light shine with my friend. I had a feeling that I should grab a bag of my favorite chips before school. After lunch my friend looked sad, and I asked him what was wrong. He said he had forgotten his lunch. I remembered my chips, so I gave them to him. After school he came up to me and said, “That was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me at school.”Durham M., age 11, Utah, USA

Friend September 2017 “Don’t Play With Fire” When Jean was a little girl her job was to burn the garbage, but one day it was too windy to light with a match so she tried a different method, even though she felt a prompting not to do it. She ended up burn off her eyebrows and eyelashes. She relates this to being obedient and listening to the Holy Ghost.

Friend October 2016 “Searching for Church” President Eyring’s father searched for a ward to attend when he was visiting Australia. He prayed and followed the promptings and he found a church.


The Holy Ghost Guides

Friend February 2016 “Savannah the Engineer” Savannah needs to decide whether or not to join an after school science team.


Warns of Physical Danger

Friend October 2018 “Shining Bright in the Czech Republic” “My friends and I were going downstairs. When we got to the elevator, I had an uncomfortable feeling and asked my friends not to use it. They decided to do it anyway. I took the stairs. When I got downstairs, my friends weren’t there. The elevator had gotten stuck! It was a while before they got out. I was happy that nothing serious happened. I also felt good that I followed the Holy Ghost.” Amalie N., age 10

Friend August 2018 “Show and Tell” “I was racing my sister on our bikes when I felt the urge to stop and pull over on the grass. Then a huge truck came speeding by. I’m grateful I listened to the promptings from the Holy Ghost” John H., age 9, Suffolk, England

Friend May 2018 “Bullfight”  Two fighting bulls bust through a gate where Brody had been standing. The Holy Ghost had prompted him to move to keep him safe from being trampled or even killed.

Friend March 2018 “Show and Tell” “ I was swinging on the new saucer swing at school when I flew off. I immediately felt prompted to stay low. I am thankful that I listened to the prompting because if I hadn’t, I would have been hit in the head and hurt. The Holy Ghost protects us when we follow His promptings.” Anastasia C., age 10,

Friend May 2017 “A Quiet Warning” The Holy Ghost warns Rykin about the presence of a snake.

Friend Aug/Sept 1985 – Wilford Woodruff listens to the warning of the spirit and was kept safe from a steamer ship fire.

Friend August 2016 “Show and Tell” Personal story of a boy who is protected because his mother listened to the Holy Ghost.

Friend October 2016 “Show and Tell” A girl is protected because she listened to the Holy Ghost and went inside right before a car crashed into their trampoline.

Friend July 1987 “Whisperings” A skit about boys being warned by the Spirit to not go into a gully after a rain storm.

Warns of Spiritual Danger

Friend February 2019 “Yo-Yo Decision” While shopping with her mom, Lea found a yo-yo. Oscar had brought one to school and had impressed everyone with tricks. Lea wanted to do that too, but she didn’t have enough money to buy the yo-yo. A thought came into her mind that she could just put it in her pocket, but then she had a bad feeling. She realized it was the Holy Ghost warning her, so she put it back and felt peaceful and happy.

Friend July 2017 “Friends and Faith” Gary had fun playing with some new friends until one of them started showing inappropriate videos on his phone. Gary had a bad feeling as he watched, but it was replaced by a good feeling when he was courageous and left.

Helps Us Choose the Right

Friend August 2017 “The Rocket Fiasco” Andrew’s friends convince him to try out his birthday rocket that he’s supposed to wait and do with his dad’s supervision. He has a bad feeling about the choice but does it anyway. The rocket lands in the neighbors car and starts a fire.

Gift of the Holy Ghost– The Holy Ghost helps a newly baptized girl to choose the right and be honest. Friend April 1984

Winnie Wins – A girl is tempted to cheat in a geography test to beat a boy who teases her. Friend May 1984

A Gift From Heaven – A boy, who is about to break a promise, listens to the still small voice and chooses the right. Friend March 1985

Friend February 2016 “The Trouble with Recess” Jason feels bad when the kids says mean things about the grumpy playground helper. He figures out a way to make things better.

Testifies of Truth

Testifies of the Savior

Friend May 2018 “Conference Notes” President Eyring remembers a sacrament meeting when he was young. They sang “Abide with Me; ’Tis Eventide” (Hymns,165). Even though he had heard the words of that song before, he felt something special that night. He felt closer to the Savior. A memory of the Holy Ghost touching our hearts is the most precious thing we can have.

Friend September 2015 “A New Feeling” – Child feels Holy Ghost while reading about Jesus in the scriptures


Friend August 2020 “The Mooncake Festival” Vincent was excited to explore at the mooncake festival, but while exploring he fell and hit his chin. He had to go to the hospital and he was scared, so he prayed and felt the comfort of the Holy Ghost. He knew that everything would be okay.

Friend March 2020 “Hayfields and Priesthood Blessings” When Elder Gerard was a boy he lived on a farm. The dust from the hay sometimes made him sick because of his allergies. One windy summer day there was a lot of dust in the air and he was having a hard time breathing. His mother brought him in and had two farmers who were members of church give him a priesthood blessing because his father wasn’t a member.  As they blessed him, he felt warm, peaceful, and calm. He realized later that it was the Holy Ghost comforting him. (Maze Activity: There are many ways you can feel comfort from the Holy Ghost. Find a path through the maze to see just a few.)

Friend February 2020 “Show and Tell” On our way driving home from a swim meet, it was dark and snowing. My mom was worried and asked us to pray. I remembered how Jesus taught us to pray when we need help. So I bowed my head and closed my eyes to pray to get home safely. After I prayed and opened my eyes, I felt a warm feeling in my heart. Then I heard a still, small voice whisper, “Everything will be all right.” Peichi C., age 10, Massachusetts, USA

Friend June 2019 “Praying for Leif” Magnus’s brother got sick with leukemia. When Magnus went to the hospital to see his brother, he could feel the Spirit comforting him. The Spirit also inspired many people with ways to help him and his family.

Friend September 2018 “A Voice of Peace” Grace Vlam was a nine-year-old girl living in Holland in 1940, during World War II. Nazi Germany had just begun attacking Holland. When Holland was taken over by the Nazis, Grace’s Father was taken prisoner. Grace was comforted by the Holy Ghost .

Friend March 2018 “Conference Blessings” When Sierra’s little Sister was sick in the hospital, Sierra was comforted by the Holy Ghost. She knew her sister would be okay.

Friend October 2017 “Sarah and the MRI” Sarah had to have another scary MRI where she was all alone in a tube. Her mother reminder her that there was someone who could be with her to comfort her—the Holy Ghost. Her dad blessed her that she would feel the comfort of the Holy Ghost, and she did.

Friend June 2015

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