Jesus Birth: Activities & Games

Prophecies of Jesus Birth

Friend December 2018 “Prophecies of Jesus Christ” Match the prophecies with the picture. Also includes a coloring page.






Friend December 2018 “A Special Night” Action rhyme about the story of Jesus’s birth.

Wisemen Follow the Star

Friend December 2019 “Light of the World” Color the stars below to help the Wise Men find Jesus (or follow the star path).

Jesus is the Light of the World

Friend December 2019 “The Living Christ” Like light shining through a window, the Savior brings light and hope to a world that sometimes seems dark. Color this stained-glass window, then visit to learn how you can share Christ’s light!


Coloring Pages







Friend December 2017 “Christmas Workshop” Make nativity figures such as this clothespin shepherd to tell the story of Jesus birth, or use it as an ornament for the tree.

Friend December 1986. Lace up ornaments. Print onto card stock. Punch holes in indicated spots. Lace up and tie ends together.









Friend December 2016 “Make Your Own Ornament”






Christmas Riddles  – Each riddle gives clues about a person or place related to the story of Jesus’ birth. (Friend December 1984)

Friend December 1981

Friend December 1981 Turn advent calendar into a game. See game pieces in “advent calendars”

Friend December 1982

Friend December 1982 – matching game




Questions for each day

Questions for each day

Friend December 2015 Activity- Hide baby Jesus Statue and tell children they are warm when they get close. Explain that the more we look for Jesus in our lives and do the things to get nearer to Him, the warmer we feel inside and the happier we are.”

Friend December 2015


Friend December 2015  Primary children collected food for a local food bank for the holidays. For each item donated, the children put a picture on the wall in the Primary room to build a Nativity scene.








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