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Family Service & Love

Friend September 2020 “Bedtime Brothers” Kyler helps his brother get to sleep.

Friend July 2020 “Helping a Sleepy Sister” Berrett noticed his sister was tired from studying late and he decided to be like Jesus and help her. He made her breakfast and lunch and wrote her a note saying he loved her.

Friend February 2020 “Free Dinosaur Hugs” After David’s grandma moved in with David’s family she became sad because she was missing her friends. David loves his grandma and wants her to be happy, so he made a card for her that said “Free hugs every day.”

Friend December 2019 “The Red Paper Bird” Eve got sick and was very sad when she couldn’t go to the school Christmas party. Her teacher sent home a red bird Christmas craft the kids made during the party, and Eve’s brother and sister helped her make it. Whenever she looked at the red bird, she felt very loved. (Make the craft. Have a family member do a secret act of service for someone and leave the bird. Then that person does an act of service and leaves the bird. How many times can you pass the bird?)

Friend June 2018 “Bedtime For Felix” Anton can’t wait to get back to his game, but he has to put his baby brother to bed first. As he snuggled with his brother he realized he felt the happiest he had been all day.

Service Super Hero

Friend March 2018 “Matt and Mandy” Matt makes a super hero costume and secretly helps his mom.

Families Listen to and Respect Each Other

Friend June 2017 “Tickling Trouble”  Lizzie and Max learn that we should listen to and respect each other. Pillow fights and tickling is only fun when everyone is having fun.




Family Council

Friend February 2017 “Matt and Mandy” Matt and Mandy decide they need a family council because they are disagreeing about chores.

Families Help and Support Each Other

Friend March 2019 “Show and Tell” My sister has cerebral palsy and can’t talk or walk. I serve her each day by feeding her, playing with her, and making her laugh. I know when I serve her, I’m serving Heavenly Father.
Ensign T., age 10, Utah, USA

Friend August 2018 “Matt and Mandy” Matt promised to help Mandy with her campaign to run for student council. He’s been busy but he keeps his promise.

Families Play Together

Friend June 2017 “Little Builders” Siblings build a blanket fort together.

 Families Spend Time Together

Family Dinners

Friend March 2019 “The No-Phone Zone” At a family reunion, Tyler’s grandmother has everyone put their phones in a basket before dinner. At dinner (and after dinner), Tyler listened to all the family stories. He learned more about his dad as a child. He didn’t think about his phone at all. He told his grandma it was the best dinner ever.

Family Time Together

“Matt and Mandy” Each family member wants to do something different on their last Saturday before school starts, but they compromise and spend time together doing those things.

Family Love

Gifts of Love

Friend January 2017 “An Extra Special Present” Hadley is too young to earn money, but she wants to give her mom a birthday present, so she writes her mom a special poem of love.


Friend September 2020 “Loving Our Families”When President Eyring felt frustrated with one of his children for jumping on the bed and was about to get angry, the Holy Ghost reminded him of what a special person his son is. The Holy Ghost can help us too.

Appreciating Family & Home

Friend February 2016 Poem about the strange and annoying things a child’s family members does, but also realizing the wonderful things about them.


Friend June 1987 “Leaving Home” Three boys decide to live in their fort so they won’t have anybody telling them what to do. They encounter difficulties and realize their homes are wonderful.





Friend August 1988 “She’s Some Sister”   Jason’s sister is getting married and he relizes he’s going to miss her.

Families Can Be Together Forever

Friend July 2018 “A Forever Feeling” Mia wants a forever family like her friend Zoey’s. Zoey’s home feels warm and happy. Mia and her family learn about the gospel and are baptized and sealed in the temple.

Friend March 2018 “Always Brothers” Luis is sad and mad that his new baby brother is going to die, but he is glad to learn that they will be brothers in heaven.

Friend February 2017 “Forever Family” Poem a girl created after her grandma passed away.

Friend October 2015 –  Elder Oaks didn’t think of his mother as a widow because his mother taught him he had a father and they would always be a family.

Friend September 1988 “Mrs. Brocklebank” (Part Two) Kenneth’s grandmother joins the church and they are sealed as a family in the temple.

Family Repentance

Friend April 2017 “The Blue Sunglasses” Sarah accidently breaks her big sister’s sunglasses. She does her best to make things right.

Friend August 1988 “Raymond and the Horrible Little Pest” Raymond says some very mean things to his brother and feels terrible. He prays for help to know how to fix things.



Family Forgiveness

Friend June 2019 “The Slipper Slip-Up” Bailey loved playing princesses, and she loved the little glass slipper she kept on her shelf that reminded her of princesses. One evening, after reading her a story, her dad accidentally bumped into the shelf and knocked the slipper off and broke it. She was heartbroken, but she told her dad that she forgives him because she loves her dad more than any toy.

Friend March 2018 “Haircut Disaster” Max is kind to his mom and forgives her when she makes a major mistake while cutting his hair.

Friend March 2015 Boy forgives mom for breaking Lego space jet.

Friend March 2015
Friend March 2015

Friend March 2016
Friend March 2016
Friend March 2016

  Family Prayer

Friend July 2018 “Arturo’s Family Prayer” Arturo’s dad asks the family members what they need help with before saying the family prayer. He then prays for those things.

Praying for Family Members

Friend July 2017 “Prayers and Butterflies” Sarah’s grandma hurt her leg. Sarah’s family discuss ways to help her. Sarah suggests saying a prayer that she’ll feel better. Afterwards the kids are inspired to draw pictures for her which makes her feel better.

Friend September 2016 “Heavenly Father Hears Your Prayers” Small stories. One about a brother praying for another brother because he knew the brother was worried about soccer. Also a story about a mother praying for her son to find a friend.


Friend January 2017  “Don’t Forget to Pray for Erik” Kari doesn’t understand why Heavenly Father hasn’t answered their many family prayers for Erik to come back to the gospel.



Family Members Teach Each Other

Friend June 1987 “Harold Gets a Job” Susan teaches her little brother many things.






 Family Influence & Example

Friend November 2019 “Being an Example” Ivy is a good example for her brother. When she prays or reads her scriptures, he wants to do it too. Ivy is trying to follow her older brother’s example too (Jesus) by being kind. Activity Included: Draw a line to match the pictures of Jesus with ways you can be kind too.

Friend June 2018 “Show and Tell” “My younger brother and sister were fighting. I reminded them that Jesus taught us not to fight. It felt good to be a good example.” Tequan K., age 10, Lusaka, Zambia

Friend May 2018 “Finding Floppy” Sam’s big sister helps him look for his lost stuffed elephant, Floppy. When they can’t find Floppy, she suggests they say a prayer. After finding Floppy she suggests they say a prayer of thanks.

Friend April 2018

“I choose not to go to friends’ birthday parties when they are on Sundays. My younger brother was invited to his first friend party and was sad that it was on Sunday. He told me that he followed my example of keeping the Sabbath day holy, even though it was a hard choice.” John M., age 9, Texas, USA

Friend July 2017 “Show and Tell”

My dad doesn’t go to church, but I try to keep the commandments when I am at his house and show an example of living the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Dashel P., age 6, Colorado, USA

Friend August 2015
Friend August 2015 – Brother’s example makes Quentin Cook want a testimony


Siblings Help and Teach Each Other

Friend August 2020 “Jalen Helps His Sister” Jalen shows Nia how to clean up their toys, brush her teeth, wash her hands, listen to the scriptures, and to pray.

Jalen is helping Nia pick up crayons that spilled. How many crayons can you count?

Siblings Play and Work Together

Friend June 2020 “Matt and Mandy” Matt and Mandy bake together and figure out ways to help their dad too.

Kindness Despite Differences

Friend August 2020 “As Different as Pythons and Peacocks” Siblings, Andrea and Michael both like the zoo, but they like very different things at the zoo. Even though they are different, they are kind and considerate of each other. (How many animals can you count in this story?)


Friend May 2020 “Sister Squabble” Jaide’s little sister borrowed her tennis shoes without asking and accidentally got them muddy. Jaide was so mad that she told her sister,  “I wish you weren’t my sister.” She felt terrible about what she said.  She read a scripture about Jesus forgiving and healing someone and she realized, she needed to forgive and try and fix what she had done to her sister with her words. 

Friend August 2019 “The Get Along Bucket” When Amy and Garrett fight, their mom gets out the “Get-Along Bucket.” They have to choose an activity from the bucket and then  do it together, and before long, they are having fun together.

Friend February 2019 “Matt and Mandy” Matt and Mandy have a fight, but by dinner time they had forgotten what it was about. They show extra kindness to each other as a way of making amends.

Siblings Forgive and Help Each Other

Friend August 2018 “Sisters and Turtles” Ellie’s sister has been grumpy; she got mad at Ellie for sitting on her bed. Ellie gives her sister a special turtle necklace that represents helping someone who gets turned over. Ellie tells her sister she wants to help her get back on her feet whenever she is sad or upset.

Friend November 2018 “Sister Date”  Rachel and Brianna have a bad fight over which tv show to watch. The older sister, Brianna, decides they need to go on sister date and have some fun time together, and this quality time helps them become best friends again.

 Friend February 2018 “Peter the Pest” Matthew is angry that his little brother, Peter,  always wants to do everything he does and breaks his model dinosaur. His father explains that Matthew is probably the most important person in the world to Peter, and that is why he wants to do eerything he does.  Matthew chooses to calm down and apologize to Peter, and their relationship grows stronger.(Also see Lesson Ideas on how to control anger.)

Friend May 2019 “Five-Year-Olds-Only” Kyle built a great blanket fort but didn’t want to let his little sister in it because she breaks his things. He feels bad though because it made her sad and cry, so he apologizes and invites her in. Afterwards he feels like the fort is even better.

Friend January 2017 “Time for Addison” Tom doesn’t want his little sister to knock over the tower he built after school, but his little sister misses him and wants to spend time with him, so he figures out something they can do together.

Friend October 2016 “Gone Fishing” Hayden is annoyed that his noisy little brother, Dan, has come fishing with him and his dad, but when Dan disappears Hayden is fearfully worried and realizes how much he loves his little brother.


Friend July 2015 – A girl learns that she controls how she reacts to annoying brother.

“Babysitting Blues”- Friend July 2015– Girl learns that spending time with siblings while babysitting them helps her and them be happy. Link includes some babysitting tips.

 Baby Sibling

Friend June 2018 “Funny Faces for Nathan” Cameron and his mom did everything together—until his new baby brother, Nathan, was born. Now his mom is always busy with Nathan. One day his mother asked him to help with the baby. Cameron helped him stop crying and made him laugh. He liked helping his brother. It felt good. He decides he likes having a baby brother.

Friend August 2019 “Brownies and a Big Sister” Molly isn’t sure if she wants a baby sister. Grandma asks for her help making a surprise treat for her parents for when they get home from the hospital. Grandma also tells her that her mom and dad will need her help by being a kind big sister. Molly decides to make a welcome home sign for her mom, dad, and new sister.

Friend March 2016 “Finally a Big Brother” Nolan is excited to have a new baby sister and to be a big brother.






Baby Blessing

Friend June 2019 “Baby’s Blessing Day”  Kate learns that a baby blessing is special when her baby sister gets blessed.


Having Parents that don’t go to Church

Friend July 2020 “A Sunbeam for Mommy” McKay was sad that his mom didn’t go to church with them. In Primary, they sang his favorite song “Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam.” They also made sun necklaces. He made his bright yellow and with a happy face for his mom because he wanted her to feel as happy as he did.

Friend June 2019 “Grateful for Parents” President Nelson’s parents didn’t attend church when he was young, and he wanted them to. The thing he wanted for Christmas every year was to be sealed to his parents. (Story includes a handout quote: “Pour out your heart to your Heavenly Father. Turn to Him for answers and for comfort.” —President Russell M. Nelson)

Friend March 2019 “A Lesson from My Parents” Elder Massimo De Feo‘s Parents never joined the church, but they supported him and his brother taking the missionary lessons, and later they supported him going on a mission. They showed Christ like love for him and we’re good examples throughout his life.

Friend October 2016 “Lessons From Mother” Elder Mazaggardi’s mother wasn’t LDS but she taught him many important things such as honesty and giving tithes to the Lord.





Friend January 2020 “Gracie’s Goal” Gracie got a set of scriptures from her grandparents at her baptism. She set a goal to read the Book of Mormon by her next birthday, but she is struggling with the goal because some of the words and chapters are hard to understand. She told her grandma that she was having a problem keeping up with her goal. Her grandma suggested that they read the Book of Mormon together every night on the phone. Gracie was able to accomplish her goal and understand the Book of Mormon better with her grandma’s help.

Friend June 2017 “Welcome to Cousin Camp” Carson’s grandma has cousin camp every year. This year’s theme is on service. They do many service projects together.

Family Service for Grandparents

Friend September 2020 “The Most Important Job” Amelia’s family was going to help clean grandma’s house. Amelia’s mom wanted her to do the special job of just listening to grandma while the rest of them cleaned. Amelia’s grandma told her lots of stories from her childhood. Amelia gave grandma a big hug before leaving. Grandma had tears in her eyes and told Amelia she loved her. Amelia felt warm inside. It had been cool learning so much about her grandma.

Extended Family (Aunt, Uncles, Cousins, Etc

Keeping In Touch

Friend July 2020 “Matt and Mandy” Matt and Mandy’s cousins in Australia send a video about what they have been up to.

Family Sacrifice

Friend January 1987 “The rush-rush Day” Jarod sacrificed what he wanted to do so his family members could get the things done they needed to.


Family Members Help Each Other

Friend May 2019 “Kindness at the Carnival” A boy is looking forward to playing with his friends, but then his sister comes home upset because she doesn’t have any real friends and nobody will go with her to school carnival. The brother wants to help, so he volunteers to go with her, and tells her that she is his friend too.

Friend June 2018 “Showing Her Love” A girl named Love from Nigeria helps her family in many ways. (Link includes photos.)

Friend April 2018 “Prayer in the Checkout Line” Eli helps his mom with his fussy siblings at the store. He also says a prayer for her when he sees how their fussiness is making things hard for her

Friend January 2018 “Adam’s Big Green Cast” Matthew’s little brother broke his leg and has to wear a cast that doesn’t let him move. Matthew helps his brother feel better by playing with him and finding things Adam can do without moving.

Friend October 2017 “Helping Mrs. Brewster” Ryan helps his brother Jackson rake the neighbor’s leaves.

Friend October 2017  “I Like to Help” Poem – A boy helps his family members during the week.

Friend May 2017 “That’s My Brother” Eric doesn’t have any friends yet and doesn’t like going to recess, but his brother comes and helps him find a friend during recess.

Friend May 2017 “The Gecko Rescue” Andrea sews up a hole in her mom’s gecko beanbag so her mom wouldn’t be sad.

Story Activiy: Children can draw a line to a number on the gecko for every way they mention that they can help and serve family members.

Friend February 2017 “Double Happy” Lily helps her little brother, Sam, feel comfortable in Primary, but her parents want her to let Sam’s teacher do that now so Lily can go to her class. Lily obeys even though she’s worried about Sam, and they both have a great time in Primary.

Friend Novepmber 2016 “Big Sister Madelyn” Madelyn’s mother is sick, so Madelyn helps with the baby. Also an activity to find what toys are okay for the baby.


Friend October 2016 “Brave Enough” Christine asks her brother for help when she gets scared of a noise at her window.


Friend June 2015  “The Funny Face Fix” Ben helps his sister feel happy by making funny faces.

Friend September 2015 “Secret Helpers”

Friend September 2015

Friend June 2015 – Girl feels sad aunt is sick and can’t go to beach, so she brings aunt something from the beach.

Things are Better when You Work Together

Friend October 2019 “Frowns, Smiles, and Leaf Piles” Siblings, Tony and Erin fight over a cookie. Their mother has them rake and bag the leaves without helping each other. They soon realize that it is hard to do alone and would be easier working together. They also realize that things are easier and better when they work together as a team.

Families Come in a Variety of Ways

Friend February 2019 “My Eternal Family” Addie was born in South Korea and adopted by a family in Washington USA. She was then sealed to her new family. (Also how to make Addie’s favorite food and craft.)

Friend July 2018 “Goodly Grandparents”  Andrew lives with his grandparents, so when his class has a Bring-a-Parent-to-School Day so he doesn’t know what to do. But then he realizes his grandparents do all the kind, loving things parents do.

Friend January 2018 “Am I a Child of God?” Chloe hears the song “I am a Child of God”in Primary and wonders why she wasn’t born to “parents kind and dear,” and wonders if she is a child of God, but she has an adopted family who loves her.

Friend July 2020 “Different but Together” Ellie and her family went on a trip to visit their cousins. The cousins didn’t want Ellie’s family to talk about church things while they were there so that they wouldn’t have disagreements. Ellie had had a lot of fun visiting with her cousins. She realized that even if they believed in different things, they could still be a happy family.

Family Members with Disabilities
Friend October 2017 Tyler’s brother is

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