I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus – Review

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Song: I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus – Review


  • Items needed: several large popsicle sticks, magnets, tape.
  • Select and print the verse lines you wish to review. Also print the large pictures that go with that verse. Cut out the large pictures.
  • Cut the verse lines into strips so that a few words and a picture is on each strip. Line up the strips in order, and tape together the ends so you have one long strip. (In order to fit the strip on the board, divide each verse into three parts so you end up with three strips.)
  • Tape the end of one strip onto a popsicle stick. Glue or tape strong magnets to each side of the popsicle stick on the top and bottom. Roll up the strip onto the popsicle stick. Tape another popsicle stick to the start of the roll.  Attach magnets to the ends of that stick. Do the same process with the other two strips.


Put the first part of the verse on the far left side of the board. The magnets on the popsicle sticks should hold the rolled up strip in place. Unroll the first few words, but not the picture that goes with the words.  Put the pictures in random order on the bottom of the board.

Explain to the children that each of the pictures goes with two or three words in the verse. Point out the words you have showing on the strip. See if the children can pick out the picture that goes with those words. Have a child put the picture above the words and then unroll the strip a little to see if the pictures match.

Senior Primary: Explain that you aren’t going to show them the words that come next. They have to try and think of the words in their mind, and then pick out a picture and unroll the strip to see if they are right.

 Junior Primary: Show the children a set of words, and tell them what they say. Have them pick out a picture that goes with those words and then unroll the strip to see if they are right.

Every time the children complete a sentence, have them sing that sentence. Then roll up the previous sentence, and see if they can sing the previous sentences using only the pictures as reference.

When one roll is done, put up the next roll and do the same activity with it.

Note: You may wish to discuss some of the pictures, such as the person climbing a mountain for the words “I’m trying”. Explain that it takes effort to climb a mountain, and the words “I’m trying”  indicate putting effort into something.

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3 thoughts on “I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus – Review

  1. This is one of my favorite songs, I’m going to test it out on my children. I thought that if I pick a single song and make them memorize it with me SUPER good, then we might be extra blessed.

  2. Love it! I have different graphics from the Gospel Art Kit that I used last week, so I will just substitute them instead, but it’s just what I need to review without being too redundant. I’m concerned about being able to unroll and re-roll the roll in a timely way and without disaster, so I think I’ll just let the kids hold up the ends and roll for me, one verse at a time. Also, since all the words are there when it’s unrolled, I’m going to try letting them try to sing every other word as a challenge. Then we’ll try that again when we get down to using just the pictures. Fun!

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